Eat it Up

I picked up Pumpkin and rushed home. Heath and Peanut got home just behind us and I started tossing things into the van. Heath broke out the iPad and KK and Chiaki were in Japan getting ready for work and on Skype. They were having microphone problems but we could seeĀ  and hear them and they could hear us. We mostly troubleshoot the bad mic but we got to wave and type a few messages. Then they had to go to work and we had to finish packing. We loaded up a cooler and some toys and Felicia joined in and off we went.

We went to Sunnyside park and unpacked our stuff. As soon as Pumpkin was out of the van she was running for the spray park.


It was closed for the season but Felicia got her turned around and headed to the playground. I worked the grill and everyone else played.


We brought sidewalk chalk for Pumpkin. She was a little interested in drawing with it but more interested in carrying around the box.


At first we were the only ones there and Peanut set up an army base with his little green and brown plastic soldiers on the playground. Then more and more kids showed up so Peanut put away the soldiers and got out his helicopter.


He got a turn with it but the birthday girl got to play first and I saw some quality mother son bonding.


So while all this fun was going on I was getting to play with some of my favorite toys, meat and fire.

Our house has a gas line run to the stove and when on the go I usually use the propane grill so last night was one of the few opportunities to use charcoal in one of the grills by the pick-nick tables.

As soon as the van stopped rolling I was getting a pile of charcoal built, covering it in lighter fluid and sparking it. I got some time to enjoy the smell of the charcoal fire while my coals built up. The first thing on the grill was the wierd mushroom top of my bread loaf. Since the top was out of the bread oven it didn’t get fully cooked. A little time on the corner of the grill and it was great.

This was our appraiser and everyone had a chunk or two. While I was still building coals I got the 1/2 cooked chicken drumsticks on.

I had cooked them somewhat the night before and then let them sit in a mix of spices, BBQ sauce and cherry coke. I was not concerned about not fully cooked steaks but I didn’t want undercooked chicken so I let them spend a long time on the grill.

I based them in more coke and bbq and other sweet things. I added the premade twice baked potatoes. Then I got the coals as hot as I could and as close as I could and added the steaks.

The grill was not as hot as I had hopped so everything took longer then I expected. The girls and kids got the table ready and salad and other sides out and on plates and I periodically brought stuff from the grill over. The chicken legs were a big hit with everyone. Heath’s fillets were also really good and the potatoes were awesome.

The regular steaks were just okay. It was pretty cool outside and they got cool pretty quick. Pumpkin was hungry and tired and it took some convincing to get her to eat. We all got plenty and ate a great meal. Once done we packed up and headed home. I got Pumpkin ready for bed first thing. She fought me on reading a book so I tucked her in and left without a story. After 5-10 minutes I came back and asked if she wanted to read a book and she was much more interested.

We read a bunch then I laid her down and left. She yelled and knocked but not for long before going to sleep.

Peanut had taken a shower and gotten in pajamas so both had bowls of icecream and played some iPad. I showed him a few of the games and he tried them out and then looked at some kids books before going to bed.

Heath and I played on the computer, watched tv and got ready for bed.

BABY 3 Update:

We went to the doc yesterday over lunch and didn’t get to see um but we heard the heartbeat and everything is going great so far. We are at 15 weeks.


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