Alexander Jon was born Sunday Morning

more picturesOur next door neighbors Stephen and Becky had their new son.

Also my Sister sister Carri sent me some news.
“Hey Chris-
Guess what? The council voted and I will be making First Profession on December 8th at 7:15 AM. Of course, you are invited but I’m sure you can’t come. I guess you could say I’m like “engaged” right now. yay!
Toast a beer to me haha!
Sr. Mary Magdalene of the Immaculate Conception”

Friday was a rare 12hr workday for me but it was a really fun day. The morning was fairly normal but the afternoon I went to set up for a remote broadcast that evening for the first night at the new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.


We got there and found our table in the corner and started setting up. Early on we discovered no electricity and no internet connection in the box we were supposed to use. The plugs were there but not active. Their staff jumped into action and got that fixed while we got the rest of our setup done. Then we tested and headed back to the station. I had several things to quickly get done then I changed into fancy pants.


Once ready I headed back and did some more setup as the pre show party got started.  Prewitt Clock Set IMG_1515



Our setup was against the window and below us cars and limos pulled up in a steady stream dropping off guests in their fancy pants.  Limo

And the city was off in the distance.


It was the fancy kind of party I only though was on TV so we had to do lots of picture taking and documenting.


At 6 the remote began and we were off.


We had 2 hosts and a ton of guests. Some of the guests were performers, some were involved with building the place and some were just people there to see the show. I sat at the end of the table and ran the mixing board and computer. I don’t have a lot of experience behind the board and this was a tough show to do. I had 2 microphones for the hosts that worked one way,  IMG_1553

2 microphones for the important guests that were different and picked up a lot of crowd noise in the background that required close monitoring

 Bentley Whitener

and a reporter with a remote mic interview people in the crowd with unknown noise and content levels.  IMG_1572

It was pretty crazy but I had a lot of fun and things went pretty well.


Once the hour long show was up the crowd had mostly moved to see the show and several of my coworkers had tickets and headed in. The rest of us packed up all the gear and headed out. We went back to the station and put away the important stuff. On the way home I talked to Stooks and decided to head to his house for a drink or two. We hung out on his deck a while then I headed home.

Once home I ate a bunch and drank some water and then headed to bed. Everyone else was already in bed. We slept in good in the morning then ate cereal and got ready for the day. Peanut started in on his iPad obsession.

Everyone else started getting dressed and packed for the pool and I started moving stuff around in the kitchen and getting tools ready. Shortly later Jon came by and we started planning the oven move.  IMG_1589

It took a while but we figured out what we wanted to do and then started cutting the hole. Everyone else went to some indoor pool in Belton with Heath’s cousin. It took a lot longer to cut the hole with Jon but this new hole was much nicer then the one I cut a few nights ago. It was just the right size and shape.  IMG_1591

Before the hole was open we turned off the gas, burned the oven until it was empty then vented the gas from the line to the attic. Then we started taking apart the old oven connection.  IMG_1592

Then we went to Home Depot for pipe supplies and McDonalds for workers supplies. We ate our burgers then put the pipes together to get the line into the new spot. Then we cut and installed a bunch of 2x4s  IMG_1593

These new boards were to attach the floor we had cut out to. We wanted it really nice and not wobbly and creaky so we did a good job. The pipes before were just laying in the hole but we went ahead and hung them and the vent in there with metal straps.  IMG_1597

Then we started putting the floor back together.


We hooked up the oven and turned the gas back on and relight the pilot lights.   IMG_1599

The oven was in it’s likely new spot. So we moved the existing island pieces around it and cleaned up our stuff.  IMG_1620




It is so much nicer not having the stove be in the middle of the walkway between the fridge and the kitchen. I’ve used the stove several times and I think I am really going to like it’s placement.

Our bugers had worn off and we were getting pretty hungry so we decided to break in the new layout and cook up a pile of enchiladas. Amanda and Ali joined us.

The stovetop worked great and we got everything put together then went to stick it in the oven. The oven just beeped and showed F4 on the screen. It would not turn on. Jon and I had no idea what was wrong with it. We were hungry so stuck the food in the toaster oven as well as we could.

It hung out a lot but still worked okay. Everyone was getting pretty hungry.

So we ate dinner and it was pretty good. The kids played some more and I made a happy birthday cobbler for Heath with a little evil twist.

We sang and then Heath and the kids blew it out.

After dessert everyone headed home/to bed and we called it a night.

In the morning I got up early and got busy in the basement. I took almost everything out of the fish tank and drained a lot of their water. I cleaned it all up and then rearranged the tank so everyone in there would get new territory and hopefully stop picking on the little guy. I got a bunch of laundry done and some cleaning up from the oven project and then everyone else got up. We at a quick breakfast and then headed to Nebraska Furniture Mart. We looked for ovens but were pretty disappointed. There were none in the clearance corner and there were only 2 residential slid in ovens in the store and neither were what we wanted. They told us more were available online and we checked out some professional ones that were awesome but like $7,000.

On the way home we noticed Sears Outlet had a big balloon advertising Huge Savings. So we went to see if they had anything new or better prices. They had the same stuff with the same prices. The only thing different was the balloon.

So we headed home and warmed up leftovers for lunch. We ate and started watching the Chiefs game. After lunch Pumpkin laid down for a nap and Stooks came by to watch the game.

The game was pretty bad and we barely finished it before leaving. We headed to the hospital and after a long walk around the building we found Stephen Becky and Alexander.

He was sleeping but we all got to check him out. Both the kids were really interested in the little guy.


After meeting Alexander we headed to Walmart for a few things and then it was late. We decided to get pizza instead of cook dinner to speed things along. This was a really popular decision with the kids.

We went to Cici’s and all stuffed our faces.

Then we went home and got the kids cleaned and in bed and more laundry and football and early bed.

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