Park Dinner

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Peanut had a dentist appointment after school so he and Heath went there. I picked up Pumpkin and once home we quickly packed up a cooler, a bag and a truck bed.   IMG_1626

It was a lot of stuff for a couple hours at the park a few miles from the house and I even remembered to stick Pumpkin in.


We drove over to Leawood Park, Heath and Peanut had just got there and Heath changed out of work clothes. The kids ran down to the playground and we set up dinner on the pick nick table. Heath and I made turkey, ham, peperoni, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches plus pulled out sides of chips, cottage cheese, apples, crackers, cookies and pudding. Then we wrestled the kids to the table so we could eat. Camera 360Camera 360

They put up a fight but once had food in front of them they dug in. Everyone ate pretty good and pretty fast and then went back to playing. I put away dinner into the truck and took out bikes. I got them all ready and the trailer hooked up then Heath and I wrestled the kids away from the playground again. Pumpkin was pretty mad at me untill she saw the trailer loaded with her stuff, then she was excited. I stuck her in and Heath gave her more food and her drink and she was ready to ride.

Camera 360

Pumpkin laughed when we went fast and mostly just looked for dogs and ducks and stuff or leaned back and read some books. She seemed to really have fun and only got annoyed when we needed to stop for  Peanut to take a break. We rode around the trial and tried to avoid big uphill areas. We saw quite a few ducks and geese and one really big black snake. It was lots of fun and Heath suggested doing it every Monday until it gets too cold.

We got back the cars and packed up and headed home. Pumpkin showered, pajamaed, booked and beded. Then Peanut showered and got busy on homework.

With the iPad as reward he got after his homework and got several days worth done. Then he and Heath read some books on the iPad and he went to bed. Heath and I got more laundry done and I made some dinner for Heath and Peanut to eat tonight.

Heath smashed mini biscuits flat then I topped them with speg sauce, pepperoni, ham, green pepper, cream cheese and shredded cheese. Then we baked them and packed them up. they looked really good so Heath and I each snuck one and they were good. Once the house was straitened and everything was done for the night we went to bed early but ended up staying up late watching tv.

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