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Yikes, It’s already Wednesday
and I have not told you about our weekend.

As you know I am really behind and really busy but I do have a lot of good pictures and some pretty decent stories. So Friday we got Pumpkin a snack then went to Aldi to load up on groceries. Then we headed to a pizza party at Geoff’s house for his birthday.

We hung out and had a few drinks and Pumpkin played on his swingset and went down his slide.

We ate and talked and enjoyed the weather until Pumpkin got sleepy.

Then we headed home. Tony had come over and had a beer after we got Pumpkin in bed then he went to meet up with Felicia and Heath and I got to bed early. I had a big to do list and got busy early in the morning. I worked on the yard and my wood piles and got the summer stuff off the deck and everything mowed before Heath warmed me it was time to go to Peanut’s soccer game.


We had to go early and take team pictures. Heath was in them as the assistant coach.


We had a wait for a while but eventually the game started. Peanut was on the sideline at the begging and the team was down 0-3 before he even got in. Peanut was put in and took over the def-fence.  IMG_0008


He is one of the few players who understands a position and knows when to stay in it and when to move.  IMG_0042

Peanut was in the rest of the 1st half and the beginning of the second half. There were no goals or even close calls, he kept the ball on the other end and his teammates got one in.  Late in the second half Peanut came out and his team was scored on once or twice before the end of the game. After each game the parents form a cheer tunnel and the kids run though. I did not participate this week so I could get some pictures of it.


Pumpkin was tired and we headed home to get some lunch and her down for a nap. Then i got back to work on my list. I finished our little temporary kitchen island but didn’t take a picture and I did some work on cleaning the chimney but needed some more tools to finish up. Stooks came by and then I showered and we all headed to Lousiburg to watch Heath push Pumpkin in a 5K.  IMG_0075

Stooks and I watched the race and had a few drinks.  IMG_0062

Heath was planning to walk and we thought we would have a long wait but she did some running and was done in just about 47min.  IMG_0080

Heath and her friend Amanda were the first to finish with strollers and the newspaper wanted to interview them a bit.


Then we headed over the ChrisCakes for pancakes and hot dogs, Pumpkin real motivation.  IMG_0089

We walked around and checked out all the booths and stuff. Then we headed home, on the way we stopped by Jon and Amanda’s house and hung out for a while on the deck. Then we left Matt there and went home and headed to bed. Sunday we got busy again. We went oven shopping and didn’t find anything we wanted. We worked on the house and I cooked a beer can chicken. We watched the chiefs game and ate and had a relaxing afternoon. Sometime over the weekend or the days since we have given Pumpkin baths

Gone for bike rides


And Heath went to watch baby Drake.

So that’s pretty much caught up. Did you notice an improvement in the quality of photos today? I borrowed a nice camera from work to learn how to use it and Heath and I are in love with it.

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