Who needs a bed.

I think she misses her tent.

The night before last we had a really rough time with Pumpkin. She went to bed find but got up at 3:30 and was not interested in going back to sleep. So when I picked her up from daycare I expected to hear about a terrible day but actually they said she was great. We went to Saves A Lot grocery store and checked it out on our way home.

It was actually pretty similar to Aldi. We got some meat and fruit and stuff and Pumpkin stuffed her face with grapes while I loaded the cart. Once home we unloaded groceries and got busy on dinner. Pumpkin had noodles and fruit and ham. Heath and I had big salads with ham in them. Then Pumpkin and I shared a bowl of cereal.

We visited with baby Alexander and his parents at bit after dinner then messed around the house getting ready for Pumpkin’s birthday this weekend. Heath put Pumpkin to bed and I got some beans and chickens cooking.

These pictures are from this morning and the beans were cooked all night in one crock pot and 2 chickens are in the big crockpot. (the house smelled awesome this morning). Since we had a rough night we got to bed early and before bed just watched some tv and I had a sandwich.

Does anyone have any ideas for finding an oven for our house? We want to go from 4 burners to 5 or 6 and we need one with no back on it, usually called a drop in or slide in. Used is fine, commercial is ok if it is also intended for use in residential. Heath has called a bunch of used appliances, we have been scanning craigslist, checking Nebraska Furniture Mart and Sears and there is very little out there that will meet our needs.

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