Whatcha doing Tomorow?

 2nd Birthday
Pumpkin’s real birthday is Tuesday the 4th but we are going to party on Saturday. If your free you should come, if you know a little kid that likes to color bring them on over too.

Pumpkin was hungry when I picked her up from daycare and she would not let Heath and I forget about it. On the way into the house she ate 6 cherry tomatoes. I knew we needed dinner right away so got busy cooking. We gave Pumpkin a few raisens and little snacks and Heath tried to distract her with projects and books. I cooked up some chicken and noodles and veggies and we had a stir fry type deal. It was pretty good.

I gave Pumpkin’s plate a scoop first so it could cool and then set the table an called the girls in. Pumpkin dug in and cleaned the first helping in no time and started pulling brockoli out of my bowl. Mine was hot and spicy and the heat angered her a little but her tummy did not slow down much. She got her own second helping and ate it and then went after more of Heath and my dinners. She went after the brockoli first, then the carrots and then the noodles, she didn’t really eat much of the chicken. We gave her some ham and peaches and she ate them all up. I was still a little hungry too so got each of us bowls of cereal. Once Pumpkin’s cereal was gone Heath decided to split a yogurt with her.

Pumpkin ate a  few spoonfuls but the yogurt was really gross. We thought chocolate whipped yogurt would be good but it was terrible.

We cleared the table but I gave Pumpkin a little bowl of pumpkin pie filling and she snacked on it while I did the dishes. Once the dishes were all clean it was time to clean Pumpkin. I scooped her up and put her in the tub and then undressed her and got the water and toys going.

Heath had been busy working in Pumpkin’s room moving out summer clothes and too small clothes and moving in bigger clothes and winter clothes. There was also a lot of cleaning up and organizing to do. I got Pumpkin clean and then in a diaper and she thanked her mom for all the hard work.

and then Pumpkin tried to help her out some.

Heath kept working on the room and Pumpkin and I poked around the house working on random things. Pumpkin was wound up and we occasionally took breaks to run around and around the ottoman.

A bit before bedtime all that dinner Pumpkin ate worked something out into her diaper. It was quite fragrant. We made sure she was done then cleaned her up and put on a new diaper and some pajamas. Heath was finishing up in her room so we started calming down and getting ready for bed.

Pumpkin and I read a few books then I laid her down in bed. I went to get more stuff ready for the party and Pumpkin started playing and knocking on her door.

Tony got us some big sheets of paper for the party.

We will put them up around the house and on the tables before the party. Heath and I watched tv and sorted crayons into little bundles of 5 different colors and then tied them up to give to the kids.

We will set kids loose with crayons in the house and let them create some artwork. It seems like a fun way to reinforce the bad behavior of coloring on walls.

This was about it for the night. Heath had some ice cream and I had a homebrew and we watched tv and got ready for bed. The night before I cooked 2 chickens and some white beans for Heath to make into a white chili and today after my bike ride and before work I got a big pork shoulder cooking to turn into pulled pork chili tomorrow.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Pumpkin! “Two” is so much fun!

  2. Kentaro says:

    Happy Birthday, Pumpkin! We miss you! Have a great birthday.

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