Happy Birthday Pumpkin!

2 Years Ago Today

Yesterday morning was a little crazy, Peanut had no school and Pumpkin had her 2yr old doc checkup. She was not real excited about this. Actually she had a great morning all the way up until the nurse opened the door and called her name.

She did not want to leave the toys in the waiting room. She did not want to get measured or weighed or have anything to do with the exam room. She wanted to go play and eat snacks. So when it came time to get a flu shot and some other vaccine her disapproval did not seem all that worse then seeing how long she was. Pumpkin’s now 25 and a half pounds and growing real good and steady.

After the appointment I went to work and Heath took the kids home. She took Pumpkin to school and had a plan for Peanut’s day and went to pick up his friend.


They went to some museum thing called Wonderscope but it turned out to be closed. So instead they spent the afternoon at Antioch park.


Then they picked up Pumpkin from school and I came home from work. I got busy on cooking dinner and everyone else worked on some Halloween decoration project. I fried some potatoes and we had a chicken pot pie and black beans. Everyone ate really good so afterwords we ate the last of the birthday cake with some ice cream.

We had talked about going for a bike ride or an aldi trip or to the park but we were pretty tired and decided to take it easy. Heath cleaned and I watched the kids take baths. Then we got Pumpkin in pajamas and brushed teeth, then Heath read to her and put her to bed. Peanut made his lunch for today, did some reading and then tried to defend his fort.

We will have a busy night tonight with soccer practice but we decided to rush and get a dinner together for Pumpkin’s real birthday. So last night I made a big meat loaf and mashed potatoes. I tired to fill it with some of Pumpkin’s favorites and to help speed things along this morning I stuck the loaf in the crock pot to cook. I’ve never put a meatloaf in a crockpot before and am worried about all the grease cooking off and then it sitting in it. So I built up a layer of bread in the bottom and hope I can lift the loaf off the greasy bread tonight and have a nice meatloaf. I’ll quickly ice it with mashed potatoes and dinner will be ready, in theory.

We had a short Sunday night with early calls into work and late Pumpkin wake ups so last night we headed to bed early and slept in a bit.

Here is Pumpkin’s first bath and one of her most recent.

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