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 IMG_1879There was a crazy rush to get everyone home and having a birthday dinner as quick as we could. Heath got the kids on her way and started icing the meat cake right away. I had put this in the crock pot that morning.

Heath had taken it out of the pot, put down a layer of sauce and then coated the cake a mix of sweet and regular mashed potatoes.

I got home mid icing and the house smelled awesome. Really awesome. I set the table and the cake sat in the toaster oven warming up the potatoes for a few minutes. Heath helped Peanut finish up with his homework.

Pumpkin helped me out by getting the trashcans from around the house and dumping them in the kitchen one and putting the little ones back.

Shortly later dinner was ready and we all sat down to eat. We added some candles to the cake and gave Pumpkin one last chance at blowing them out.


It was pretty exciting.


Pumpkin loves it when we sing the happy birthday song to her but still did not get the blowing out the candle thing. She will blow a little but it’s real soft and focused down.  IMG_1862

So we helped her blow out the candles then we cut the meatloaf cake and dug in. I love meatloaf so I engulfed like 1/2 of it. Heath is not a big meatloaf fan but she cleaned her plate and Peanut did too and I never heard him asking about all the wierd stuff in it (mushrooms, squash, corn, onions, zucchini). Pumpkin mostly picked out the weird stuff and avoided the meat. I tried to sneak meat in with her mashed potatoes and stuff but she sucked the potatoes off and spit out the meat. She also picked out some of my squash and ate it.

After dinner we brought out the presents and taught Pumpkin how to unwrap presents.  IMG_1870 IMG_1867

Pumpkin got a few toys and mostly more clothes.  IMG_1872

Her favorite was the sunglasses.


After dinner we played with sidewalk chalk that Peanut gave Pumpkin for a few minutes then Heath and Peanut went to soccer practice and Pumpkin and I went shopping. We went to Sutherlands for some chimney cleaning stuff and then to Aldi for groceries. Pumpkin did good and snacked on dehydrated fruit the whole time. Once home we unloaded the stuff and put it all away then I gave Pumpkin a quick sink bath.

(yes the toy baby is taking drinks from the shot glass)

Then I got Pumpkin in pajamas and we read some books, brushed teeth and got ready for bed. Heath and Peanut got home around this time and told Pumpkin good night. Peanut showered and then made his lunch for today.

Once he was in bed Felicia broke out Brides Maids and the 3 of us watched it.

It was funny but not as funny as I expected from reviews I had heard. It was late for me when it got over so we headed to bed.

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