Fall Bike Ride


The plan was to pack up the van real quick with food and bikes and go have a picknick dinner but I thought Heath was going to be running late and I was worried about running out of time to bike after grilling dinner so instead I decided to cook up dinner and have it all ready to go when Heath and Peanut got home. (wow big sentence)

I got potatoes cleaned and in the microwave, I fired up the grill and then got some water boiling. I tossed random vegtables in the pot, tossed wieners on the grill and then set the table and got out all the condiments for baked potatoes and dogs. Pumpkin got hungry and I got her sat at the table and gave her some apple sauce. Then I saw Heath and Peanut pull up so I tossed everything from the stove/grill on the plates and dinner was ready.

Pumpkin ate 2 whole cut up hot dogs plus a bunch of apple sauce and broccoli and some potato.

Once we were all done we hopped in the truck and drove down the street to the Trolley Trail. We parked at 85th street and Holmes and hooked up the kid trailer and headed east.  IMG_1893

The trail was nice and flat and weather was real good. We looked at leaves and houses and people with dogs we passed. Pumpkin watched some and read books some.


We rode to the very end of the trail then turned around and headed back.  IMG_1905

We stopped for a quick break for Peanut but Pumpkin wanted to get out so the break was real short so we could keep riding and keep her happy. Then we got back to the truck, loaded up and went home.

Once there the kids played with Pumpkin’s bed stuff for a while.

Then I gave Pumpkin a sink bath and Peanut took a shower. Then Heath put Pumpkin to bed and I ran to Home Depot for chimney cleaning stuff but they didn’t have it out yet. Once home I helped get Peanut ready for bed and he made his lunch and then read some books. Heath started baking bread and we watched House with Felicia while it baked then headed to bed.

We did more bike riding this morning and then discovered Pumpkin was sleeping in her bed this morning.

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