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Last night there were 2 main projects going on plus all the normal nightly routine. Lets get all the regular stuff out of the way. Got the kids in bed, got the kids bathed, they played outside a bunch on bikes and with sidewalk chalk, Heath and I got caught up till last Tuesday on our TV shows, we canceled our camp out plans for the weekend, we got the kitchen cleaned up and got to bed.

Since I’m not camping I am going to try to do some kitchen remod work, if anyone is free Saturday and wants to play with electricity or drywall or hammers and 2x4s let me know.

Project 1 – Dinner:

The plan was a little BBQ chicken pizza and a little buffalo chicken pizza and all our chicken leftovers would be gone. Pizza is really easy for dinner other then the crust. There are a lot of options on the crust and it is the easiest thing to mess up. I say that as a guy who messed up last nights crust. I broke out the ipad and followed a recipe for crust from Bisquick mix. I’ve made biscuit dough before and used it for pizza dough but this was for pizza dough. It turned out much smaller then promise and would not flatten or stick together well. I added oil and water and made it work as best I could but it was 1/2 the size I needed and did not look good.

I panicked a bit and found another recipe from this stuff.

pancake mix, PBR, flower, oil and water. This one seemed really weird but turned out much better. I used wheat instead of white flower. Once I had the crusts ready we topped them with lots of stuff and baked them up.

I knew the first crust would not be great so I used that for the buffalo chicken pizza.

And we used the pancake/PBR crust for the BBQ one.

This one turned out really good and all of us liked it. The buffalo was just okay but I am still looking forward to the leftovers at lunch today.

Project 2 – Halloween Decoration.

I don’t have a final picture and I was not there for any of this but I’ll explain as best I can. Peanut had this idea to make hands/arms coming out of the ground as a Halloween decoration in our yard. Heath is all over Halloween so they spent a night exploring the basement for supplies and then last night got busy. They cut up an old work shirt of mine.


Then sewed it into 2 big arms.


Then they stuffed the arms with something and attached gloves on the ends of them and stuffed them. They stuck a metal rod through each one and drove them into the yard. Phase 2 was the grave. They put tape on some cardboard.


Painted over it all, then pealed the tape


I think they did something else to it to and then let it dry overnight.

This morning I saw the undead pulling their way out of the ground in my front yard.

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