A Little Pianist

It’s hard not to go strait to the oven but this picture was too good.

Lot’s to cover so lets get right after it. Friday I had a remote broadcast recording after work so dressed nice and worked late. The show was at the downtown library and a pretty cool setup.
This picture was early on and looks like all old people but it was actually a good mix of young folks too. There was wine and cheese and a projector of twitter posts just like Katy Perry had. I went early and helped set up, troubleshoot and do whatever needed done.
Heath and Pumpkin went to an event at Peanut’s school and then joined me.

Pumpkin ate cheese then wanted to play and talk so she and Heath spent much of their time on the roof enjoying the weather and view. After the show there was a little bit of pickup up then we headed home. We got Pumpkin in bed and we ate a bit then watched tv. Saturday morning we all slept in then we were all craving cereal so Pumpkin and I went to the store for milk. There was a meat sale and I unleashed a bit. After breakfast I got busy expanding the island.

Somehow I don’t have a good before picture, I guess I never took one of the island with the bar on the back of it besides this one with legos on it.


So here it is before the bar. I wanted to add 2 more cabinets and more seating and working room.   IMG_1621

Here are the cabinets roughly in place. Camera 360

A thin one on the front and a big one on the side. I spent the morning cutting measuring screwing etc. Stooks came by to help and we ended up with this.

Camera 360


It’s all temporary and made from wood I took out of the wall but it is nice to have and will fine for a while.


Stooks and I also made a trip to Home Depot for supplies and put a coat of polyurethane down. The girls got home and then we all went to Sears outlet to look for new stoves. They didn’t have any new ones but they did have a different salesperson who was all over us. We walked all through the back to look at more and described what we were doing and what we needed. We looked over the one we liked but was more then we wanted to spend some more. As we looked it over we discovered some features we had not noticed before. The biggest one being the drawer under the stove.  IMG_1971

It turned out this was no ordinary drawer but instead a second oven. The main oven is gas and the bottom oven is electric but only 110 so just like a toaster oven. This sold it in my head we had 5 burners, (1 long for pancakes, 1 small for light simmer, 1 beefcake for quick boiling and a couple regular), no back thing sticking up, 2 ovens, big metal nobs. I was in love.


Heath could see it on my face and took over the role of the skeptic. Somehow she convinced the saleslady and I to wait until tomorrow and do some thinking, talking and research. Matt and Pumpkin had been having a great time running around the fridges and organizing the patio furniture. We got them and headed home. Pumpkin and I were filthy and showered real quick then we headed to Chelly’s for dinner with the neighbors. We had a nice filling dinner and a few margaritas. Pumpkin ate a lot of beans and rice and a ton of salsa with a spoon, no chip.

Camera 360

After dinner we headed home alone and got Pumpkin in bed. Later on Jon stopped by and we talked ovens and read reviews then watched Super Troopers and had some beers. Jon and i stayed up too late. In the morning Heath and I made up our minds, ate some eggs then headed back to Sears. We found our stove and a manager and went through our list of questions. He gave us 5% off, and a year no interest and even granted a small birthday coupon Heath had. We “paid” and they loaded it in the truck. I tied it down and off we went.

Once home I did yard work and then Heath and I unloaded the oven out of the truck and put it in the house. This was a little crazy but nothing terrible happened. Then we grabbed team snacks and rushed off to Peanut’s game.


My mom and sister came to watch and brought baby Drake who loves the sunshine.


Peanut started in goal IMG_1958

Then moved on to forward but you can tell he is a defender and had trouble not playing that position. His team got spanked pretty good but they had a good time and enjoyed the snack we brought after the game. After the game we were hungry so headed to Applebees for a late lunch. Then we went home and Stooks came over to watch the Chiefs game.

Somehow we managed not to find out what an awesome game it was and really enjoyed watching us win. Pumpkin actually got to practice putting her hands up and saying touchdown. That was about it for Sunday, we relaxed, played ipad, put Pumpkin to bed, hung out with Tony and Felicia.

I just realized I forgot a few things Saturday: Heath and Pumpkin went to pumpkin patch when I was working on island.

but they actually had a good time and saw Heath’s friend from Nebraska.

Also I had a ton of pork loin steaks to cut and chunks to get ready for future cooking and 10lbs of ground beef to make into burger patties with Heath’s help.


And Pumpkin spent a lot of time playing the piano Stooks brought over.

Camera 360

Sunday night we got to bed on time and slept good till 1am. Then Pumpkin woke up and cried and we all got up. She had a terrible cough, sounded like she was having trouble breathing and snot, man there was a lot of snot.

The rest of the night was not great and around 5 we started planning the day. A hot shower helped everyone and we made it to the docs office just as they opened the doors. Pumpkin had croup and they started her on drugs and she has been much better ever since. Slept through last night just fine and woke up running again.

Heath stayed home and took care of her last night and made spaghetti squash for our dinner. After dinner she headed to Peanuts boy scout meeting and I got Pumpkin in a long hot bath and then in bed. Once she was down I yanked the old oven out and slid the new one in.  IMG_9939

Oh man it was sweet.


Heath came home and helped finish it off and enjoy the new look.


Then we kicked back and had beer and ice cream and loved the setup.  IMG_9953

Then bed.

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