Coloring and Eating

Yesterday I got to break in the new stove top. Before work I made some berry oatmeal pancakes and sausage and boiled water for tea.


Then last night I cooked dinner on it. After work Pumpkin and I ran a few errands before heading home. We did not accomplish much and then went home. We played a bit and Pumpkin got the trash moved to the garage for me and we worked on nameing what color things are. She is really good at pink and pretty good and orange, she knows green sometimes and the rest still need a lot of work but she has taken an interest in asking me what color things are. Pumpkin got hungry and I got busy cooking dinner.I had to think of a use for all 5 burners out of principle.

Pumpkin ate a good dinner she had some leftovers and some parts from the burritos I was making for Heath and I. Heath went strait from work to Peanut’s 2nd to last soccer practice and we had not seen her yet. Once Pumpkin had cleaned her plate several times over she decided she was done and got excited about a bath. The steam seems to help her cold so I turned on the shower part and blocked the tub drain so she could have a steamy shower bath. I got her clean then let her play a while and I defended towers on the iPad.

Then I got Pumpkin out and we dried off and brushed teeth and got on pajamas. I read to her for a little bit and then Heath came home. We gave Pumpkin her medicine and Heath put her to bed while I heated our dinner up. Once Pumpkin was in bed we tossed stuff from all 5 pans into tortillas and wrapped up some nice burritos.

Eating a bunch late is not a good idea and motivation becomes really hard. We crashed on the couch with Felicia and had a little TV marathon until it was time for early bed. I planned to get up early and ride the bike but it was raining so slept in some.

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