19 Weeks and Everyone is good

 IMG_9978 Baby4Profile IMG_9979

Heath and I are really excited about such a nice profile picture of the new baby.

We also have this shot of more of the body but it is not quite as cool.


So we got to see the head and heart and kidneys and arms and legs and bones and everything besides the privates. We could have seen the privates and at some point the sneaky lady running the equipment looked at them but we wanted to be surprised so we still don’t know the sex. Everything measured great and looked great and nothing was of concern and that is what we wanted to know. It’s a little scary in the room when the lady says now we will check for X. If the baby has X then something that sounds awful could be wrong with the baby. Heath and I watch a bunch of blurry things on the screen for a few seconds and then find out no X and the baby is good. There were so many of these scary things to look for.  IMG_9977

After the sonogram we met with the doc and she went over the images and data and assured that everything was great. We talked for a bit then I rushed to work.

Last night we ate chili and worked on the house. Here is Pumpkin polishing off her second dinner.

We thought about a bike ride but it looked like rain when I got home so we started working on moving stuff around. We are experimenting with TV in some alternate locations. I’ll show some pics later of where it moved to. I did remove a board and some drywall from this area between the old kitchen and dinning rooms.


I did this first so that later on I would not have to worry about hitting the tv with the board or filling it with drywall dust.

Jon, Amanda and Allie popped by to play and check out the new oven for a bit. Then we all headed to bed.

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