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If you need a help with travel plans and acoomodations, we will be glad to assist. Of course, your whole family can stay at our apartment while in Japan. We can accomodate up to several adults (if you don’t mind sleeping on the floor) at our apartment, so please tell our friends in KC area that they should come and vist us!!


 Kentaro and Chiaki

So we will be busy getting passports for the family soon. Our littlest one will be about 3 months when they leave the country for the first time. If you are interested in going to Japan this will be a really fun time to go. I know it’s going to be tough but I think it would be great to have more people.

I’m sure there will be more to come.

In other news, Pumpkin really liked her dinner last night.

I swear some went into her mouth. See…

Last night was pretty good. When I got home we packed up some snacks and bags and then picked up Pumpkin from school and headed down to Aldi. I had loaded the bikes in the truck so we parked, unloaded bikes and went for a ride. It was really nice out and the ride was great.

Camera 360

Once back at the truck we packed up the bikes and headed into Aldi, we did not need much and forgot a quarter so just carried what we needed in our bags. (If your not down with The A, you rent a shopping cart with a quarter) We filled our bags and headed out.

Once home the dinner rush started. I cooked noodles, chicken, shrimp and a ton of various veggies and combined them into a slightly odd stir fry dish. While I worked on this Heath put away groceries, side walk chalked with Pumpkin and then went to give Felicia some keys. Pumpkin started eating before everything was done. I was prepping shrimp nearby her and she snagged a shrimp from me. She ate the first one pretty slowly then realized they are delicious and started shoveling them into her mouth. I had to move and cut her off or there would be none left.

She was also really into the noodles and squash so she did not mind too much. Once we decided to cut her off we stuck her in the sink. We washed her quickly and got her ready for bed.

(Dang, just realized I didn’t take any room pictures)

Once Pumpkin was in bed we put some finishing touches on the family room. We connected the wii up there and I swapped out the part in the computer that lets me record tv so we will be able to record more stuff at the same time and in better quality.

We all snacked a bit and then headed to bed.

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