Cousin Chat

Friday I got out of work a bit late and when I got home my sister and brother in law were dropping Drake off so they could go to dinner for their anniversary.

Heath and I were guessing Pumpkin was not going to handle having a new sibling very well but she did great with Drake Friday. She was really curouis about him and his bottles and gear.

Drake was pretty content to lay on the couch and watch the kids and us.

Pumpkin decided to join him.

Then she got each of them a blanket and tucked in for a little nap.

Of course this did not last long and nobody did napping together. Peanut’s friend from school/soccer named Drake was also at our house for a sleepover. The boys were running around shooting nerf guns and burning energy off. We relaxed and watched the Drakes a bit then I got busy on dinner.

Heath had got ribs going earlier and I grilled some hot dogs and brauts and heated up corn and beans. Neither of the Drakes are big eaters and I think both of them must get all their calories from milk. Out kids, Heath and I had a good dinner though. Little Drake got crabby about the time dinner was ready. I went to my first move right off the back. Walking up and down the stairs. He was unfazed so I went for the more advanced technique of the baby hammock. The hammock put him to sleep amazingly fast.  I laid him down and he kept sleeping and I was able to join everyone for dinner.

A while later little Drake went home and Pumpkin went to bed and the boys laid down and watched a movie. I put the futon mattress in the family room and they laid on it in pajamas and cooled down. Heath and I were worn out but stayed up untill after the movie was over and the boys were in bed.

In the morning I made cinimon rolls and we messed around the house a bit until Peanut and Drake’s soccer game.


They both had great games and I was kind of surprised since they stayed up late and all.



We played a team that we had played before and lost to them again but not as bad as the first time. After the game we ate a little lunch then I laid down for a nap.

Heath and the kids played play dough and worked on some Halloween crafts.

I got up and showered and dressed and we got everyone else ready then we headed to my uncles 50th birthday party at the farm.


There was a bunch of family and friends there and my Grandma was doing well and made it.


We ate some really good food, had a few drinks, started a bonfire


and played on the slide.


It got late and dark and the kids got tired and we headed home. Once home we got them in bed right away. Heath and I had to make some quick adjustments to our fantasy football teams and then we went to bed too.

I got up first but Pumpkin was right after me and she got everyone else up. I cooked up some white chocolate chip pancakes that were really tasty. After breakfast we all got busy in the garage, cleaning, organizing and getting stuff ready to sell on craigslist. In fact we sold our old oven pretty quick and left at 11 to deliver it. Heath got the kids lunch made while I was gone and Pumpkin down for a nap.

The delivery took longer then I had expected but I think we got more $ for the stove then it was worth so it was okay. Once home I ate lunch and got back to work on the garage and several other random projects. Heath and I worked hard most of the afternoon. When Pumpkin got up we went on a quick Aldi run then I cooked dinner. After dinner we got the kids cleaned up and in pajamas. Then books and Pumpkin went to bed. Peanut and us played a bit of wii then he went to bed.

Tony and Felicia came home and we talked with them a while about their wedding plans. Tony helped me move some heavy stuff then everyone went to bed.


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