Regular Night

 IMG_9994It was a fairly typical uneventful evening. I had a pretty exciting busy day at work helping out with our fundraiser. I picked up Pumpkin and we met up with Heath and Peanut at home. I got busy making curry. Like many of my dishes I toss everything I can think of into a pan, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, chicken, broccoli, green beans, green peppers, onions and carrots. I start with the stuff that takes a while to cook and end with the stuff that does not take much. I added in some curry stuff with milk and let it cook a bit.

Camera 360

I also made rice to serve it over.

Stooks joined us for dinner and we hung out around the island while dinner cooked and Peanut did his homework. Pumpkin snacked a bit and colored some we tried to keep her out of trouble.
Camera 360

Once everything was ready we sat down and added Heath’s buffalo chicken dip to the table.

Camera 360

We only had one kind of curry and it ended up being pretty spicy. I didn’t say anything so as not to alert the kids. Heath whispered it to me but Pumpkin had already eaten all her taters and squash. Eventually Peanut mentioned that it was kinda spicy and he needed more to drink. Then we all agreed that it was spicy but it was bearable for the kids and great for the adults.

Curry and buffalo dip probably don’t belong in a meal together but after a couple plates of the curry the buffalo dip was really nice. After dinner we screwed around some and did dishes and Heath worked on a Halloween project. We got the kids cleaned up and they wrestled a giant inflatable alligator for a while.

Then we got Pumpkin in bed and everyone read for a while. Peanut read Heath a book, Stooks read his itouch and I read the numbers off cars I speed past in the iPad game I was playing. Once Peanut was in bed we watched some good

and bad2 Broke Girls tv show photo tv then Stooks left and we headed to bed.

The top picture and these last ones are from Heath’s trip to Wonderscope with the kids Friday afternoon.





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