Kids are gross

Camera 360

So Pumpkin and I were on our own for most of the night as it was Peanut’s last soccer game. We were not terrible exciting. I cooked a bunch of random stuff. Pumpkin emptied the trash cansCamera 360 Camera 360

We colored Elmo

Camera 360

She wrestled the alligator a while and took a really good bath and ate 2 good dinners. Heath and Peanut and Felicia all joined us for dinner 2 and then I put Pumpkin to bed while Heath and Peanut ran to Culvers for ice cream dessert. Then Peanut headed to bed and Heath and I had a little House marathon before bed. This morning I expirimented with baking eggs in muffin pans.

Camera 360

They are intended for sandwiches and taste good but are kind of too tall and not wide enough.


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