Scouting Begins

Heath and I had a pretty big to do list in our heads of stuff to get done last night. Once home Pumpkin and I got busy on a quick dinner of rice with veggies and chicken plus some quick easy sides. Once Heath and Peanut got home Peanut got busy making his lunch and Heath helped me finish up dinner and in no time we were eating.

We always eat around the stove now. The best part is the kids can get started as i am finishing up and I can start tossing things on Pumpkin’s plate to cool down before she gets there.

Dinner was pretty good but I think my home made honey wheat spent beer grain bread with some apple butter on it stole the show. After dinner we tossed everything in the sink and hopped in the van and sped over to the scout store.

Peanut has a scout meeting tonight and we got him hooked up with his shirt and patches and the start of all the stuff he will need. He was pretty excited and asked for about everything in the store. Hopefully he will strive for one of these like his Pappy.

We got to the store about 10 minutes before close and got out the door at 5:58. We decided to head to Lowes to look for a few things but on the way our Parents as Teachers lady called to remind us about the appointment we had. We made a you turn and rushed home. Pumpkin was not in a great mood but we had a nice visit. She was super excited to see the lady but was also feeling like doing her own thing and not necessarily doing what we asked of her.

We talked and played and colored and stuff for almost 90 minutes. It was kind of late and Pumpkin was tired and hungry but I think the real reason she was trying to do her own thing was what we discovered in her diaper after the PAT lady left.

We got her changed and ready for bed. Peanut showered and read and I ran to Lowes. I finally found all the rods I need to clean out my stovepipe and once I get some free time in the daylight I can get the chimney’s ready for a nice burn season.

Once I got home Heath and Peanut were folding laundry and Peanut was headed to bed. I helped Heath finish up and then she headed downstairs to sew. I hung a bunch of shirts and moved my shorts to a tub for the basement and moved my warm clothes up. I did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen and got started on tonight’s dinner. Peanut has a meeting so we need to do dinner quick so having a jump start on it will really help.

Then I headed to bed and watched TV until Heath finished sewing patches on for the night and joined me. She found my old uniform and used it as a guide.

We ended up staying up kinda late so slept in this morning.

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