Friday Ramblings

Before I get started I think we will take the picture above and a few others and print them on wood as a little experiment. In a few months if you get a wood picture as a Christmas present from us, be surprised. If you think I look creepy in this picture, your wrong, its just a wierd smile, here is my creepy look.

Halloween is coming and I can prove it with the creepy lights I got up last night.

As you may suspect we had some tasty food. The top 2 were the pear marinated, lightly breaded pork loin steaks.

The other was this mornings french toast made from home made honey wheat spent grain bread.

Both were really good and we found out Pumpkin is going through a meat lovers stage. She ate a bunch of the pork steak and was chowing down sausage this morning and that makes everyone happy.

Before dinner Pumpkin was not so happy.

But dinner and an alligator ride cheered her right up.

Later on in the evening Peanut and Heath headed to scouts and I gave Pumpkin a bath and got her in bed. Our night was fairly uneventful but Peanut and Heath came back full of sugar and excitement.  IMG_0127

I’m not really sure what all they were doing but the tigers joined the troup and got some patches.


And then cookies and stuff.


Peanut was pretty excited to get home and really wanted to get a picture with me in my old uniform.


Heath and I were surprised to find it fit just fine still.

I think that is about it

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