Ready for Ween

regular Pappy, Knight Peanut, Regular Momma and Yard Gnome Pumpkin

Peanut’s at his dad’s house next weekend so we got a lot of Halloween stuff done this weekend and we had borrowed the nice camera so we took way too many pictures. Friday Peanut headed to a sleepover birthday party. Heath, Pumpkin and I had a quick dinner then went to a post membership drive porch beer gathering. We met up with some of my coworkers and hung out and enjoyed the weather.

Around 8 Heath got a phone call and discovered Peanut had gotten sick to his stomach. We went to pick him up and he got sick again while waiting for us. He had a headache and had not eaten anything all night but was trying really hard not to be sick so he could stay. He got pretty upset when we put him in the car but promises of video games and movies made him a bit happier. We went home and got him in bed with a movie and Pumpkin in bed. Then we got Peanut to go to bed and we went to sleep too.

In the morning we got busy playing in the kitchen.

Heath and I had some ambitious dishes to prepare and not a lot of free time. Peanut watched movies and Pumpkin ate breakfast and played.

Heath and I made all sorts of messes and had all sorts of projects going on in the kitchen.

Eventually Heath went to coach Peanut’s soccer team and I finished up all the cooking.

Pumpkin and I went outside and got stuff setup for a bonfire and then made some lunch for us and Peanut. Heath came home and Pumpkin tried to take a nap for a little bit then we all got cleaned up and changed and headed to my Grandparents 60th Anniversary party.  IMG_0194

Pumpkin fell asleep on the way over and slept in the car a bit. the rest of us hung out and visited and checked up on baby Drake.  IMG_0209

Pumpkin got up and came in for some snacks and drinks with the rest of us. Then we toasted my grandparents.


and they cut the cake.

I chugged my champagne and passed Heath’s away and then we rushed home. Once there we got a few last minute things ready then headed out for a bonfire.

As we were setting up we discovered some of our friends had a sick Jack and could not come but the neighbors were still in with baby Alexander so we didn’t change our plans any.

It was super nice out so we didn’t start a fire right away but then a bee started hanging out so we lit a tiny fire to keep him away.

We hung out till dark and slowly built up the fire and brought out a bunch of food and cooked some brauts and had a great night. Stooks came over and Peanut started feeling better and came out to play ipad and watch the fire.

Eventually the kids all went to bed and it got late and then we put out the fire and headed to bed.

I got up fairly early and got busy on my list of projects. The weather was great but it will be getting cold soon. I cleaned up the wood/tool shed a bit then sprayed down the walls with anti termite stuff just in case I bring any into the shed.

Camera 360

Once Heath was awake I hopped on the roof and got busy cleaning the stovepipe. Camera 360

Once I removed the cap, the wood-stoves pipe looked like this, all gunked with soot.

I have a brush and now a bunch of extension rods and it was fairly easy to brush off everything.

The upstairs chimney was not as easy to clean but I worked it over and lowered a light in to look around and help. Once the chimneys were clean I went ahead and cleaned out the gutters since it was dry and I was on the roof. Heath and the kids got ready and headed to church. Once the gutters were clean I got the truck and started loading wood

from the big rows in the backyard

I started at one end and filled the truck then moved it up to the shed and carefully stacked it in rows.

I worked until everyone got home from church then took a quick lunch break. We all ate some leftovers and stuff then everyone came to help me out in the yard.

We worked for a while then Jon and Alli came to visit and we took a break.

We hung out for a while and talked then Jon helped Heath and I move the big mirror in the family room so we could start to work behind it.

We hung out for a while then they went home and we headed to the Powell  pumpkin patch.

We wondered around in the fields checking out how things changed after the frost had come. All the green was gone. Peanut was feeling much better. He had missed his game and wore his uniform as a tribute and had soccer on the brain.

After the field Pumpkin and i poked around

and everyone else went through the corn maze.

We were pretty hot and worn out and went home. Pumpkin slept on the way home and the rest of us relaxed a minute with ice cream once there. Then I got busy making dinner and we got Pumpkin up and ate. After dinner we all cleaned up and put on nice clothes and worked the camera over.


While we were ate it had the kids put on their costumes and took some Halloween pictures.

Then we changed into pajamas and took the pumpkins inside and got busy carving them.

We cleaned them out and then Pumpkin got busy drawing on hers.

Peanut made some designs for his and Heath got busy on a P for Prewitt pumpkin.

Heath and Pumpkin finished first and Heath got Pumpkin in bed. Peanut and I worked on his pumpkin.

Once we had cut out everything Heath took them outside.

and hit the lights.

they all turned out perfect. Peanut’s has a face on the front, a lego brick on one side and a bat symbol on the other.

Then everyone went to bed early so we could get up early and get ready for work and school.

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