I got stuck at work a bit late, Heath and Peanut had an early scout meeting and no dinner was planned. We were not sure what to do and Peanut had the best suggestion at first, cook a quick breakfast. Then I mentioned I could have gotten a quick bucket of fried chicken on the way home. Then the 5th member of the family spoke up, only Heath could hear them but they quickly got her to take their side.


So we all hopped in the car, grabbed a coupon and headed to KFC. We happened to have a great coupon that saved us over $8 and got us some deal that would be enough for 2 nights of dinner for $20. Pumpkin was grumpy and did her little whine/growl/moan noise continuously until the food arrived.

The rest of us were hungry and in a hurry and once we had food we dug in

Pumpkin was so grumpy she would not try her food. Eventually we discovered she wanted a mini tub of BBQ sauce like Peanut had. Once she had this she was much better.

She got busy eating and dipping everything in her sauce. Chicken, biscuit, green beans and even just an empty spoon got coated in BBQ sauce before going into her mouth. We hurried but still ran out of time before we were done. We packed up and headed home and Heath and Peanut grabbed some scouts stuff and left again.

I got Pumpkin set up in her chair and started dinner over. Her sauce was gone so I topped it back off and she ate almost a whole nother piece of chicken and emptied the BBQ again. Then she had an apple sauce but most of it spilled.

So it was time for a bath. Pumpkin played a bunch and lounged in the tub and I got all the bbq and apple sauce off of her. I let her play a while then dried her off and got on her pajamas. Then she emptied the trash cans from her room and the bathrooms into the big kitchen one for me. After that we read a big book about the circus. It looked like it would be a good story but was pretty weak.

Then Pumpkin went to bed and I got busy. Heath and Peanut came home and started getting him ready for bed and I set up a light and power system in the wood shed in preparation for moving wood in the dark. Then I did some laundry and searching for stuff in the basement shelves and dishes and all sorts of random stuff.

Once Peanut was in bed Heath and I folded a bunch of laundry and got our room in order and went to bed early so I could move more wood this morning in my well lit shed.

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