YeeHaw, surprise activity last night


At the end of the workday Heath called and asked if I wanted to go sit in Farmers box at Sprint Center for the Rodeo and Pat Green concert. We had a lot going on but decided for the free food and drink we would try to make it happen. I picked up Pumpkin and went home. Once home she refused to get out of the car. I didn’t have anything pressing so I grabbed us both a jacket and drove her to the park. Once there she had no problem getting out of the car.


We ran around and did the slides and stuff and Heath met up with us.  IMAG0623

Shortly later Pumpkin lost all interest in the park and I think she got hungry so we headed home and fed her.

She ate and ate and ate.

Felicia came home from work and Heath and I cowboyed up our clothes a bit then headed out. First we rushed to Olathe to pick up the tickets. Then we rushed to Stooks house. There were wreacks all over the highways and we had a tough time getting there. Once there Heath dropped me off and I had a few beers with Stooks and Kevin while Heath went to parent/teacher conferences and found out how smart Peanut is.

Once she got done she picked me up and we rushed to Sprint Center. We parked on the street and walked in. We took a peek in and saw a few people.

 IMG_0020 (2)

but just a few

We made our way to the box easy as we have been a few times now. We met the host of the box for the night and then hit the buffet.  IMG_0017

There was a decent crowd in the box but the food was nearly untouched. We took care of that and loaded up our plates.

 IMG_0016 (2)

The front row of the box was open so we found our seats and got busy eating mostly and some watching the clown goof off.

 IMG_0022 (2)

We had missed the bronking horses and the roaping cows and the kids ridding sheep but we saw guys roap and tie up calves and then cowgirls ride horses around barrels.

 IMG_0019 (2)

And we saw the bull ridding.  IMG_0024

 IMG_0030 (2)

The clown guy jumped a motorcycle and goofed off some more and the cowboys were done for the night and the roadies took over. Heath and I got seconds on food and I got more Blue Moon and Corona. A stage lowered to the dirt floor and crews drove out electronics on little John Deere gators and quickly set up. Crews opened the gates and let people on the floor for $10 IMAG0628

Shrotly later Pat Green and his 6 person band took the stage.  IMG_0040 (2)

Heath and I had listened to him a lot while feeding Pumpkin and recognized some and liked everything. However live we didn’t think he did that great. We were now stuffed and tired and kind of bored. Our box cleared out after a while and we left early too giving up on waiting for the one song I was looking forward to.

We walked to the car and were home and in bed in like 10 minutes.

We slept good till 1:30ish then Pumpkin woke up and messed with us off an on for over 2 hours and nobody got a good night of sleep.

In other news we are going to Funky Town tonight so you should join in the fun. I may be banning the use of cameras for the night after looking over my costume.

As she stated yesterday Heath and I will be doing our own version of this.

yes I’m scared

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