Happy Halloween 2011

I worked late on Friday doing some preparation for a remote broadcast. I left from Westport and had a text that Heath and Pumpkin were at the park with Alli and Amanda.  IMG_0045 (2)

I hung out with the moms and the kids ran around and had a great time playing and exploring and throwing rocks.

 IMG_0053 (2)
 IMG_0046 (2)

I got pretty starving and headed home and everyone else did too. I got busy cooking dinner and Heath took Pumpkin to my mom’s to sleep over. Both mom and Pumpkin were pretty excited.

Tony and Felicia came home and we had some burgers and bourbon. Then we got our costumes on.
(Heath’s beer is a prop)

We laughed and took a bunch of pictures.

Then headed out to FunkyTown.

It’s kind of an expensive place so we got a few drinks in the car before heading in.

We partied it up late into the night. Then went to bed and slept in the next morning. I made biscuits and gravy and we lounged around kidless for a bit then headed to get Pumpkin. Pumpkin did not want to go when we showed up. We helped paint some and found more scout stuff in the basement and then got Pumpkin to leave by telling her we were on our way to the zoo.

There was a big Halloween thing at the zoo and the place was way to crowded. We pulled Pumpkin around in a wagon and got candy and saw animals.

After the zoo we went home and everyone got a nap in. Then we got up and cleaned up a bit and Tony and Felicia started cooking us a German dinner.

We ended up with a sweet feast.

After dinner we put Pumpkin to bed then relaxed and digested. In the morning I got busy on the remod project. I had removed some wood paneling before dinner Saturday and got busy on the wall.

 IMG_0138 (2)

Once Heath and Pumpkin were up we ate breakfast and then decided to go to Costco and get a membership and a van load of stuff. This took most of our morning and we used too much money.

Once home I got back to work. I drilled some holes and added boxes for new outlets and internet and cable jacks in the wall

 IMG_0152 (2)   IMG_0153 (2)

I also moved the thermostat from the middle of the floor to this wall.  IMG_0149 (2)

Jon stopped by and saw me finishing up. We hung out a bit and then he headed home and I got busy working on dinner. Heath had been cleaning stuff and once she was done we headed to my Grandparents house for a Trick or Treating test run. Pumpkin had on her costume and did great saying trick or treat and thank you in the car but once there she forgot and just held out her sack.

She still got some candy and we hung out for a while then headed home for dinner.

The rest of the night we ate and cleaned and headed to bed.

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