After work I headed to Jon, Amanda and Lady Bug’s (Alli) house to get ready to trick or treat in Brookside.

A bit later Heath and Yard Gnome (Pumpkin) met up with us and we hopped in the van. We took the waggon and once there loaded the kids in it and off we went.

The wagon is big and a bit awkward to work around the crowds but it keeps the girls contained and gives them a nice place to gather candy. The shops were all set up and the crowds flowed in both directions up and down each street.

Neither girl would wear anything on their heads but they were still cute and got lots of candy. We started out letting them eat apples, then pretzels but eventually they got into the sugar and of course then their is no turning back.

We got up and down in each block really quick and then headed back to the car in under an hour.

Then we all rushed home as we were eager to trick or treat and pass out candy in our own neighborhoods. We dropped everyone off and headed home. I was ready to keep going in the neighborhood but Heath convinced me to take a break and let it get a bit later. I got dinner cooking as we were all hungry and needed non-candy sustenance.

I got dinner mostly ready then we headed out. We swapped the 2 kid wagon for the 1 kid pink car. We bribed Pumpkin to wear her hat and her bag fit great in the front trunk.

We “drove” next door then Pumpkin hopped out, grabbed her bag and knocked on the door. She is a really good door knocker after all the practice she gets on her bedroom door when she should be in bed. She can say trick or treat, happy Halloween and thank you and it is really adorable in her little voice and everyone giving out candy seems to be pretty impressed, however she is not real consistent.

Once she sees the candy it takes over her brain and she forgets the process sometimes. At some houses she just tries to enter the house and share candy with them. It was really fun and our block does not get a lot of trick or treaters (especially on a Chiefs game night) so everyone was really excited to see us and visit a bit. Everyone expected few kids so really unloaded treats on Pumpkin. One guy gave about half a dozen bags of pretzels and then started digging for bills in his wallet.

It got dark and close to game time so we rushed to the last few houses and then rushed home. I finished prepping dinner and then we all sat down to eat. I was not expecting Pumpkin to eat much after all the candy but I had noodles and squash with cheese and speghetti sauce ready for her.

Heath and I had double-decker tacos: soft tortilla, velveta/refried beans, hard tortilla, veggies, chili beans and turkey taco meat, shredded cheese and salsa.

They were crunchy and a bit spicy and creamy and really tasty. I ate 2 big ones and 2 little crunchy ones and then later on another crunchy one as I was putting away leftovers. Pumpkin ate her whole bowl of food and then had a mini bowl of granola cereal and some bites of Heath’s taco and then another bowl of noodles and squash. She was really ridding the biggest sugar high of her life. She was chattering away and bouncing all over. After dinner I let her down and said “run run run” and she took off around the house burning energy.

Heath and I watched the game and let Pumpkin stay up a bit late to work off the sugar and then paused the game and put her to bed. She actually crashed pretty quick.

The game was pretty awesome and we got caught back up to live then watched in bed. Then Heath fell asleep and the game got even more crazy to I headed back to the family room and stayed up too late watching the whole thing. Then I had to wind down a bit so I could get to sleep.

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