Drywall Hauling Machine

 IMG_0185 (2)
12 feet is a lot of feet and that is a couple 12′ pieces of drywall. My truck bed is 5ft long and I am really good at breaking drywall in it (just ask Heath) and I have never tried for a 12 footer before. I knew the bigger sheets would make things easier on my first wall so I gave the van a shot and it did great. IMG_0138 (2)
(This wall is right around 11 feet from door to hall)

The van interior is just over 4 ft wide and when the seats are stowed I can slide over 8ft into the back.They were pretty heavy and akward but Heath and Felicia helped me bring them inside and a random worker at Home Depot helped me get it on a cart.

No one likes to move drywall on an empty stomach so we had a good dinner beforehand.

It was really nice out last night so we ate outside. I wore a tank top and Peanut got bit by a mosquito in November. Dinner was going to be homemade BBQ pizza but I once again had crust disasters and just made the most of it. The kids had: corn, spaghetti, pulled pork, potatoes w/ cheese and cranberry sauce.

Heath and I didn’t have speghettti but did have big baked potatoes loaded with pulled pork and cheese. I also turned the failed pizza dough into some really good pizza pocket things that we opened up and stuffed with cheese and pulled pork. Everyone loved them , I barely got a picture before they were gone.

Pumpkin was hungry and grumpy when we sat down.

Then we started to eat and she calmed down.

Then she was happy and dug in.

Peanut pretended to be upset at first like Pumpkin.

Then just started stuffing his face.

The rest of the night was cleaning and getting stuff ready and boring things and since i’m in a hurry to get ready for a remote to the Bluestem restaurant, I’ll skip it all.

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