Breakfast Smore?

We had a dilemma, there was an awesome fire in the fireplace, plenty of Halloween leftover chocolate candy, a bag of marshmallows but no gram crackers. From this potential disaster the breakfast smore was born by replacing the gram cracker with a Cinnamon raisin mini bagel.

Honestly Peanut was pretty indifferent but it was probably better then Heath’s burnt toast smore. I think if he had let me apply peanut butter and then toast the bagel it would have blown him away.

This will likely be a quick post, not because I have pressing business like yesterday’s remote…

…but because it was not an exciting night to write about. It was nice to get the laundry done and folded and kitchen cleaned up and all the other little things but they are not terribly exciting. We had some really tasty chicken alfredo pasta stuff for dinner that I snuck a bunch of spinach into and the kids didn’t notice.

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