Who Cares whats for Dinner when we have Catsup

We decided to make a quick visit to Costco after work to get our passport pictures. We had a tiny list of other stuff to get as well. Little did we know our quick visit would eat up most of our night. Things started out great, Pumpkin and I headed to the photo area while Peanut and Heath went to the bathroom and both of us nailed our pictures on the first try.  We waited around a while and Heath and Peanut got back and took theirs. Then we waited a bit for them to develop.

Heath decided to wait for them while the rest of us started to get the rest of our things. We picked out some snacks for Peanuts lunch then Heath joined us. The pictures were still developing. We got milk and asparagus and wondered a bit more. We decided to grab a rotisserie chicken to help speed dinner along. Then we got back to the photo deal and our pictures were ready but the guy was really busy with other people. Peanut had a really bad glare on his glasses and we decided to reshoot them.  So we waited around again and Pumpkin and I went and paid for our other stuff while waiting and then we waited outside until Heath and Peanut were done and we all have decent pictures.  IMG_0215 (2)

It was nearly Pumpkin’s bedtime so we really rushed. Once home I got started on dinner and Heath gave Peanut a spelling test. Shortly later dinner was ready.

Chicken and asperagus from Costco and sweet sweet potatoes I had started before we left. Heath and I made sandwiches, Peanut went after legs and wings and Pumpkin got little bits for bites mixed in with her catsup.

Once we had finished most of the chicken and the rest of our dinner off it was bath time. Peanut took a shower and Pumpkin had a quick fun sink bath. Then pajamas, book and bed for Pumpkin. Peanut had some homework to work on.

Then he headed to bed and Heath worked on thank yous from Pumpkin’s birthday and I worked on computer and phone until bedtime.

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