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I have very little to say and even less pictures from last night. Dinner was quick and easy because I had made chili the night before and left it in the crockpot all day cooking. So we got home fooled around a bit then ate and got Pumpkin clean and in pajamas then headed out shopping for the 3rd night in a row. We only needed 2 things but it used up our whole night. We had a bit of a drive to get there and back. I was in Harbor Frieght for 5 minutes and got this electric cutout tool to help me with drywall.


Chicago Electric Power Tools 42831 Electric Cutout Tool

Heath was next door in Joanns for something like 62 hours getting fabrick and zippers and patterns and stuff that she wants to put together to make xmas feety pajamas for the kids.


While she shopped Pumpkin and I got exercise by me letting her out of the cart. She took off at a brisk pace but no running and no touching and I followed her and made sure she followed the rules and didn’t bother anyone. Sometime we stoped to talk about colors of fabric or yarn and she was doing really good.

Eventually we escaped and headed home. We got Pumpkin in bed and read to right away then I played with my tool but it was far too loud to use while Pumpkin was falling asleep so instead I ate cereal and watched tv until bedtime.


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