Eat your Burger Baby

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The growing baby in Heath’s tummy is about 23 weeks along and last night we went to check up on them. Here is a longish video of the guy/girl from 4 weeks ago.

Everything was going well. Heath and the baby are growing and healthy. After the appointment we dropped off my truck and got the chili warming up. Heath had some work thing to do so I put new license plate stickers on my truck and then we went to pick up Pumpkin from daycare and headed to the Success by Six play center.  IMG_0269 (2)

We were the only ones there at first and Pumpkin played with all sorts of stuff and ran around crazy for a bit.
 IMG_0279 (2)

Then she brushed Heath’s hair and my beard.

 IMG_0272 (2) IMG_0273 (2)

Then more crazy time until dinner.  IMG_0274 (2)

Pumpkin set the table and got us silverware and drinks and food. She was all over feeding the baby and cooking stuff in the kitchen.

Once dinner was over we got out building toys and worked on stacking and building until more people came. A couple with 2 kids around a year old came and then it was time for Pumpkin to show off. She ran around the room showing them the toys and saying watch this and then jumping or summer saulting or falling. We talked to the couple and kept an eye on the kids for quite a while but Pumpkin and my stomachs started growling.

So we headed out and said goodbye. Once home we sat down to dinner and got busy eating. Everyone did a good job and we just about finished off the chili. Then the girls headed to the bath and it was my turn to play.

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I got out my new tool, set up some test drywall and started practicing cutting out boxes.

 IMG_0282 (2)

I had measured where and how far up my boxes were and marked it with masking tape on the floor. So Once I was good at cutting out the boxes I tossed a big sheet up on the wall and put a few screws in the top.

 IMG_0284 (2)

Then I found my boxes, turned on the cutout tool and stuck it into the spot. I cut a small circle then stuck my finger in and made sure the box was really there then I let the tool find the edges of the box and cut a little rectangle out. Then I moved over a little and followed the outside of the box all the way around. At the end the drywall would fall against the studs and the box would be right inside the hole.

This was loud and a bit dusty but went great and I didn’t ruin any drywall. In no time my drywall was laying flat on the studs and I could screw it all the way down. I was on a roll so I went ahead and put the outlets in and the covers on.

 IMG_0285 (2)

I’ll have to move the covers for paint and primer but it looks a lot better in the meantime.

 IMG_0286 (2)

While I was playing Heath got Pumpkin clean, read to and in bed. I did some cleanup once the bottom 1/2 of the wall was done and did a bit of prep for the top 1/2. Sometime I have a visitor over I’ll have them help me stick the top half up.

Heath was done for the night so we watched tv and hung out till bedtime.

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  1. Heather says:

    Baby moving a lot this morning – just fyi

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