That’s my cereal

Lots of weekend to get through. Friday’s highlight was homemade pizza. I had got crust started in bread maker in the morning so after work I got Pumpkin a snack and rolled it out.

Then Heath, Pumpkin and I had a pretend happy hour in the basement. We played pool, watched some tv and had fun drinks. Then we got hungry and came upstairs and worked on dinner. heath and I made a spinach ranch cream cheese sauce and spread it on.

Then loads of chicken, veggies, bacon and cheese.

Pumpkin helped with the hot stuff.

We got the pizza stone in the oven and got everything up to 550F Then pulled out the stone and slid the pie on it and stuck it in the oven. We let it cook a while then broiled so the cheese on top would get crispy. Then dinner was ready.

Man it tasty. Tony and Felicia hung out a bit and we made a plan for Saturday and then Heath and Felicia went to get supplies. Then we all went to bed early. Heath got up real early and went to volunteer to help at some run thing. I cleaned and prepped food until Pumpkin got up then we got started breakfast with cereal. I got us each a bowl but some of mine got stolen.

While eating breakfast we listened to pandora and watched a slideshow on the ipod. Pumpkin really enjoyed the slideshow so I took some pictures and added them to it.

For some reason this was really funny.  I finished my breakfast and got busy on the bird.

 IMG_0302 (2)

I injected the chicken with chili powder, paprika, garlic, BBQ sauce, beer and red pepper. Heath came home and helped me out. Then she and Pumpkin went to see Peanut at some cub scout deal.

 IMG_0304 (2)

While they were gone Tony and I headed out and started cleaning up the big pile of tree from last weekend. We cut logs, broke sticks and piled brush. We hauled one load of brush to the back of the yard before starting 2 fires and then getting rid of the rest that way. We burned and cleaned until lunch time. Once we had some good coals I cut the backbone out of the chicken and laid it down in a dutch oven then we got it cooking. We also started oil for fries and got some burgers cooking.

 IMG_0306 (2)

Felicia came out and cut fries. heath and Pumpkin came home and Pumpkin started playing around.

 IMG_0305 (2) IMG_0309 (2)

Before long lunch was ready and we prepped the burgers.   IMG_0310 (2)

After lunch we just burned fires, made coals and started cooking more and more food. We made a roast in one crock pot and home made mac and cheese in another and ended up also making green bean casserole and apple caramel cobbler in another.

 IMG_0320 (2)

More and more friends came over to play and hang out.

 IMG_0317 (2) IMG_0314 (2) IMG_0319 (2)

We decided to brew some beer while dinner was cooking.


Once the beer was done we decided to eat and opened up the dutch ovens .

beef roast w/ potatoes and carrots  IMG_0323 (2)

 IMG_0324 (2) IMG_0326 (2)

mac and cheese IMG_0329 (2)

green beans IMG_0325 (2)

cobbler IMG_0344 (2)

Next we broke out the plates and everyone dug into plates like this.  IMG_0330 (2)

 IMG_0336 (2)

 IMG_0333 (2)

 IMG_0340 (2)

 IMG_0334 (2)

and one like this

 IMG_0346 (2)

After dinner we cleaned up a bit and made our way inside.We hung out a bit and then broke out the cobbler and ice cream and everyone was already stuffed but managed to squeeze more in.That was pretty much it for the energy we had. Everyone worked their way home and we showered and got to bed early.

In the morning we put on our fancy pants

 IMG_0403 (2)

And headed to baby Drake’s baptism.

 IMG_0372 (2)

We drove out to Garner and got breakfast and supplies on the way.

 IMG_0347 (2)

We met up with a bunch of familly

 IMG_0349 (2)

Then Kelly Chris and Drake took the alter with 5 other families.

 IMG_0353 (2)

I was the Godfather and helped out when needed.  IMG_0363 (2)

Drake did good at first but he was a little sick and a lot hungry and everything took too long for him. He got fussy and the priest came and took him.

 IMG_0374 (2)

He actually really liked this and calmed right down and watched the show.

 IMG_0380 (2)

The priest gave him back to Kelly several times but he would start fussing again until the priest took him back.

Eventually I was done being Godfatherized and Drake was done being baptized and it was time to party/nap. We headed to Kelly and Chris’ and started working on lunch. They cooked up all sorts of stuff and we all got to visit and hang out.

 IMG_0409 (2) IMG_0404 (2) IMG_0405 (2)

Eventually we headed out and went shoe shopping. We went to 4 stores and got 4 pairs all from the last store that was also closest to our house. I got home nice new balance shoes that should be good for my heal and Heath got some big boots that should be good for her sassy style.

Once home the disaster mess of dishes and cook out supplies got to us and we went into a cleaning frenzy. Pumpkin ran around “helping” and Heath and I got lots of stuff done in a rush. Then we all ate a bunch of leftovers and Pumpkin headed to bed. Heath and I watched the Chiefs game with Tony and Felicia until bedtime.

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