Peanut will have to share

I’m getting packed for a remote at Lidia’s Italian restaurant so I need to be quick.I think I’m going to do bullets.

Home Remod

  • I’ve been pulling down paneling on the front wall and getting it ready for new electrical and drywall.
     IMG_0420 (2) IMG_0421 (2) IMG_0419 (2)
  • I’m thinking about taking down the old insulation and putting up some new stuff but I need to figure out if it is worth it.
     IMG_0422 (2) IMG_0423 (2)
  • I still have the top part of this wall to toss up but it’s heavy.
     IMG_0285 (2)


  • The Power Pack Porter we started this weekend is fermenting well IMG_0418 (2)
  • We had leftovers for dinner
  • Peanut comes home tonight
  • All of the wood for the winter is in the shed and ready to burn
  • We light the wood stove for the first time tonight
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