Happy Birthday Pops

Pops and I at Philmont in New Mexico I think 1995ish.

I discovered a box with pictures in it the other day and scanned a few in from our trip and saved them for Dad’s birthday.

 scan0203 scan0207 scan0202 scan0201

Yesterday’s remote went well. It was really hectic and crazy at first but somehow we got everything working just in time to go live.

After the broadcast we were treated to an awesome meal with some of the food cooked on the show.

After “work” I picked up Pumpkin and we rushed home to get dinner out of the way. There was a pregnant/kids push for bacon and waffles. The kids had slices of bacon but Heath and I put ours on sandwiches and tried to get rid of some more of the tomatoes that had been kinda green and were now really ripe.

We also had fruit and mac and cheese leftovers and everyone ate really good. Pumpkin stole more waffles off Heath’s plate. After dinner we had some oranges and laughed it up.

This morning I used some of the leftover bacon in my peanut butter and banana oatmeal.

It was really good at first but I was over it before I got to the end. While I was cooking Peanut got homework done, took a practice spelling test,

and then played iPad.

After dinner we thought the parents as teachers lady was coming but it is next Tuesday so Peanut and I ran errands. First we went to Shoe Carnival and I returned my new shoes and tried out a new pair hoping they would be nicer to me feet. Then we went to Price Chopper to get a Thanksgiving turkey and some supplies for Peanut’s Thanksgiving dessert. Turkeys did not go on sale until today so we need to go back for it.

Then we went home and Peanut got ready for bed and I got working on the wall.  IMG_0434 (2)

I got more wood paneling out of there and did a little bit of wiring. It’s going to be so nice getting the old outlets out and having grounded ones.  IMG_0436 (2)

I’m also getting rid of the old paper insulated wires I come across and replacing them with new plastic ones with a ground wire in them.

 IMG_0435 (2)

Peanut went to bed, Heath put on house and I worked and watched until bedtime.



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