Rodeo last month, Ballet this month

My work had 2 free tickets to the ballet last night. Ordinarily I would not have been interested but I really wanted to go to the new Kauffman center to see something and not just there to broadcast.


After work I picked up Pumpkin and we headed to Price Chopper to get our $0.75 per pound turkey and get it thawing before this weekend.

Then we headed home and got dinner started. We made a quick meal of salmon patties, black beans, peas and green beans.

The salmon patties were pretty tasty and everything was quick. The kids were talking about the new baby at dinner and tried to feel him/her.

It’s hard to know what Pumpkin thinks about this baby but she does remember to say baby in moma’s tummy and since Peanut is interested she is.

Also Pumpkin seems to like babies and points out all the baby pictures around the house and says, Baby Peanut, Baby Alexander, Baby Drake and Baby Pumpkin. (When in doubt any baby is Baby Drake)

After dinner Heath and I dug out the fancy pants and the kids shared the iPad.

This worked really well in spite of Pumpkin loving to hit the 1 button that closes everything. Heath and I got dressed and were looking super nice and classy. Then my mom came over and we headed out.

We parked for free on the street and walked over. It was close to showtime so we headed right to our seats. We got seated just in time but the show started 5 minutes late so we were good. Actually we did not know if it was a ballet or what until we got the programs we just knew it was a Dance Theatre. There was several things listed with 2 intermissions and a pause on the program. We thought we may be there all night as we really had no idea what was going on. Then the room went black, really black and a message said no cameras or recording of any kind and no one even had their cells on.

Some guy kind of introduced the show and the curtain went up and people started doing stuff. What kind of stuff I’m not sure. I don’t think there was a story or anything that really tied the stuff together. At first it seemed like the story was about people dieing and then getting intimate and there was lots of rain and sun rises but then I decided it was probably more about dinosaurs and the extinction because so many things dieing and sometimes they had little T-Rex arms and there were lots of teradactyl flying dinosaurs.  Plus all the rain and craziness was probably from some asteroid crash or something. Of course as the show went on I got more confused and eventually decided each little “dance” was about something different and none were really a story. I expected to see girls thrown into the air and stuff more like figure skating or acrobats. I never really got i but at each intermission/pause everyone in the stands went crazy talking about how great it was.

After the last intermission they had a little video and made it really clear that the last section of stuff was about slavery and black oppression and stuff. For these dances the costumes showed they were slaves and stuff and crossing a river and praising Jesus and stuff. Then it was over and we headed out.

I don’t really know what else to say about it. It was not really for me.

I forgot, at some point before the show I took a reading on my porter and then added 1/2 a cup of corn sugar and mixed it up good. It’s got a week and a half minimum left to go but already between 3-4% alcohol. The extra sugar should make that rise even more.

 IMG_0442 (2)

I meant to look for fermenting bubbles this morning but forgot.

Also last night we started the wood stove in the basement.



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