Who is that kid?


I didn’t take any pictures last night if I had it would have been of the kids eating ham, rice and veggies or something like this but with no tiny nails and more progress.

 IMG_0437 (2)

Peanut is at our house this weekend but not next weekend so we are celebrating Thanksgiving. I thought I would look for some old Thanksgiving pictures and the top one and this one are from 2005 when Peanut was about Pumpkin’s age.


Peanut’s gotten a lot bigger but his jacket is the same size and now Pumpkin loves wearing “Buba’s old coat”

 IMG_0311 (2)

This is from Thanksgiving 2 years ago when Pumpkin used to sleep sometimes.


Anyway last night I ran errands right after work and Heath got dinner started. She got rice in the cooker, a bag of veggies in the pan and a chunk of ham cut into slices. I helped cook the stuff while she gave Peanut a test spelling test and helped him with homework. Everyone seems to really like ham, pineapple and rice for dinner and did a great job of eating.

Afterwords Pumpkin took a sink bath and Peanut got ready for scouts. Then Pumpkin played and I started working on the wall a bit. Then it was time for books and bed for Pumpkin. We read about a baby puppy and then I made up a tent story about 3 dinosaurs.

I got busy working on the wall removing more wood paneling, running more new wire and removing lots and lots of little nails. When Peanut and Heath got back I took a break and they showed off some prizes. Peanut had a new patch.

and Heath had a new mothers pin holder and pin


I congratulated them and got back to work. Peanut got ready for bed and Felicia came home and she and Heath talked about boots and shoes until bedtime.

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