Thanksgiving Spread

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We are running ahead of schedule and it is kind of nice. We already have 2 thanksgiving parties down and the second one helped us get rid of turkey leftovers from the first.

Friday I took no pictures but right after work I met Jon at our house and we got busy on the remodel. We made a plan and then Stooks showed up and we all went to the store for some wires and boxes. Heath was there when we got back and we jumped right into adding boxes and wires. Just inside the front door we are planning to have 5 switches.

1. outside porch lights
2. inside by front door light(s)
3. zone 1 in family room (shared with switch in hallway)
4. zone 2 in family room
5. extra (possibly ceiling fan(s)

We cut the power and removed the old wires and ran a bunch of new ones. We got them ready and then put up some drywall on the other wall and then Jon headed home. Heath had gotten the kids and then taken them to McDonalds play place and she came home with burgers for Stooks and I. The kids got ready for bed and I cleaned up the remod area. Progress was paused for the weekend. I put all the debris in the trash and tools in the garage. We moved the furniture around and then went to bed early.

Saturday morning we slept in then got busy prepping for the first thanksgiving. We spent the day cleaning house and getting ready. Peanut made a french silk pie pretty much by himself.
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We followed a recipe online and Pumpkin and I kept him on track.  IMG_0465 (2)

I baked a turkey. I filled it with oranges and Italian seasoning and stuck it in a bag in the oven. It turned out great.
 IMG_0469 (2)

A bunch of my family came over and brought a ton of food.  IMG_0473 (2)

Before we ate the iPad was the star getting passed around for people to look at pictures and play on.  IMG_0471 (2)

Then we sat down to eat at the big table with all the leaves in so everyone would fit without a kids table.  IMG_0474 (2)

Peanut’s pie never set so we made an apple cobbler and ate that for dessert. Then we all hung out and talked and watched some football. Drake was the star now and we passed him around.

 IMG_0483 (2) IMG_0482 (2) IMG_0486 (2)

Eventually everyone left and we got the kids in bed. Then Tony and Felicia came home and Stooks came over. Tony and Felicia kept an eye on the kids and we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for a secret shopper deal. We kept track of who greeted us and who served us and  how nice and quick they were and the service was really impressive. There was a UFC fight on so the place was packed but we got a table, drinks and food super quick. We all shared an appetizer because we were pretty full still. Then we headed home and to bed.

In the morning everyone kind of slept in but we had a lot to get ready. We needed to clean everything up from the night before, get fires going, make lunch, get the kids clean and dressed up. Around 10 Heath’s mom and siblings showed up and we had a lot of stuff done. They all headed to church and I got busy cooking and doing the last of the cleaning, table setting and fire making.

I mixed turkey leftover with spinach, black beans, cream cheese and some other stuff and made a big pan of enchiladas. I even ran a row of corn tortillas stuffed with re-fried beans along the side.

 IMG_0496 (2)

Everyone asks about the knives… I do that to keep the shells closed. I leave them on there and even covered everything with shredded cheese. Once done baking I slid them right out.

When everyone was back we had a nice meal and hung out and talked a bit then put on some more football. Around 1 or 2 everyone left and we got out Christmas stuff. Peanut is gone for the next 2 weekends so we decided to get it done early instead of late and to keep everything away from the remod and not put up as much stuff.

We stuck the tree in the corner of the toy area and covered it with lights and ornaments.

 IMG_0501 (2)

The kids had a great time decorating it.  IMG_0507

We also decorated the mantle and hung the stockings.


I got a little start on lights outside but late in the afternoon we were pretty worn out. We did a little clean up and ate more leftovers for dinner. The kids went to bed and we watched Bad Teacher with Tony and Felicia then turned off the lights and went to bed.


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