Croup got her again

She is feeling much better today but Saturday Night was bad.

It was a long weekend and luckily we did not have too many obligations. I went into some sort of remodel productivity haze right away Wednesday night and did not come out until Saturday afternoon. I’m not sure what got done when but a lot has changed (and of course afterwords we rearranged everything).

I think last I posted we were at this point, with some paneling down?

 IMG_0434 (2)

So I took down all of it and much of the drywall  IMG_0520


There was a million nails and screws of various sizes to take out.  IMG_0525

I got everything out of there all the way to the TV.


Then I took down the old rock wool insulation.


I put it all in the attic. The walls looked so nice and clean. I got the expanding foam and started filling in everything I could find.


I got rid of some big gaps by filling them with low expansion foam.

 IMG_0526  IMG_0534

Once I had it sealed up good. I turned on the attic fan and opened another can and felt for more leaks. Once the front wall was draft free I opened up the fiberglass bats and put them up 1 by 1.  IMG_0538  IMG_0537

I watched a video ahead of time on insulating and got some great tips to improve how they were done before. Especially on the outlets and wires running through the middle. Once I got the whole thing done I started putting up drywall.


Heath did a great job keeping herself and Pumpkin out of the dust and yucks and helped shoot staples in some of the fiberglass.


But the dancing monkey was always interested in helping.  IMG_0548

I cut and applied more and more drywall around the room.


Eventually Tony and I took down the TV and I could get to the area behind it. I ended up pulling off much of the wall shared with the garage but once in the kitchen I discovered someone had already insulated after some remodel.


notice the old insulation with black letters next to my new red stuff.


I got insulation and they drywall up everywhere except for one 4 ft section by the front door with all the switches in it. then it was time to put outlets in and make everything safe for electricity.  IMG_0552

Heath helped out and put the insulation sheets on and then screwed down the face plates to block little fingers.


Then we turned on the power and cleaned about everything up. The next day Matt and Tony helped to move the giant floor to ceiling pantry.  IMG_0558

It was unmovable as it was so tall so we cut 4 inches off the bottom kick plate.  IMG_0561

This actually went far easier then I expected. Once it was lower we were able to scoot and walk it around the room and into Pumpkin’s play area. We had to take down some fan blades but we got it over there.


And there was room by the garage door now.


Heath and I loaded our stuff back into it and reorganized the playroom.  IMG_0568

Then we put up the TV and moved the couches and tables and settled in and for some reason stopped taking pictures. So hopefully we can clean up tonight and take some.

Besides home remod. On Thursday Heath went to a race in Louisburg and did some walking IMG_0536

Then we hung out at her moms house a bit. On Saturday we had some cousins from Alaska over to hang out. They had 2 daughters to play with Pumpkin.

It was a good time to practice sharing.

Saturday evening Pumpkin had a cough that got worse and worse and at about 1am she woke up in terrible shape sounding like a seal barking. We were all 3 up most of the night. Since she had croup a month or so ago we knew what we were dealing with. There was lots of steamy showers, visits to the cold air outside, popcicles and crying and hugs. Pumpkin spent most of the night in our room and got an hour or so of sleep every few hours. We actually got the most sleep from about 6am to 9am but once a coughing fit woke her up Heath rushed us all to urgent care.

They gave her some steroids and said it should take a few hours to help. Once home the girls watched  a movie and I cooked breakfast. Everyone woke up a bit more and felt better. After lunch we all took a long nap and woke up even better. I woke up first and got busy on Christmas lights. This took up the rest of my afternoon. But I got some great help.  IMG_0575


We had leftovers for dinner. Watched some chiefs and got to bed early. Pumpkin slept really good.

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