Some Serious Slices

Pumpkin and I were home first and before even going inside we stopped by to help Stephen move some TVs around. Then we turned on the xmas lights and built up the fire.  IMG_0603

Heath, Peanut and Felicia all got home and we headed to Next Door Pizza in Lee Summit. It was an easy drive even in rush hour from our house. We were headed there because a while back I read something in the pitch about how they are the best. After that I looked at their menu and got pretty excited for some good deep dish pizza. We decided to go last night because Monday’s they have a deal for kids and it was the first Monday in a long time we had Peanut and no scouts.

A little spoiler the pizza was awesome the deal did not turn out so awesome.

They stuck us in a back room with all the other families and it was perfect. One little opening to get in and out so the kids could play and just had to make sure they were not going through the opening or bleeding.

Of course they wanted quarters for some of the stuff and they wanted to play more then eat. The Monday deal as we understood it was we buy a pizza and the kids eat for free and get to make their own pizzas. So we got a 10inch n9ne deep dish pizza (pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, buffalo chicken, red onion, red peppers, jalapeno and cheese) and the kids both got hamburger and peperoni ones. The waitress brought out their supplies early on and the kids made their own pizzas.

With a little help.

Then they went in the oven and the kids went back to playing. I had a Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat beer and it was tasty. We had a coupon for free appetizer and got some double cooked fries covered in queso and bacon. They were good at first but the cheese on them got kinda gross. The deep dish takes a while and we got the kids pizzas first and the wanted to play while it cooled down. Then ours showed up and everyone dug in.

It was nice and thick, had a great crust and a thick sauce on top. The cheese stretched forever on each bite and was not exactly beard friendly. We all knew right away this was some really good pizza. There were only 6 little slices but they were super dense. I was able to eat 2 of them and the girls each had 1 and a half before we were all stuffed. The kids pizza had cooled down maybe too much and they were distracted by the play area and didn’t eat that well but got enough.

Then the bill came and it was higher then expected all the kids meals and appetizer were on it. Heath complained and the waitress went to fix it but only took off the appetizer. She was new to Monday’s and didn’t realize the free kids pizzas only came with the 14inch and we were new also and didn’t know. It was kind of a bad situation and no manager was there to resolve it. I know the family at the table next to us was going to be upset well because like us they asked about the Monday deal and then ordered a 10 inch. So we got great pizza but service that turned out to be bad.

We headed out and moaned and groaned our full stomachs home. Heath was not sure about going back but I would as it’s a lot closer then Chicago. Perhaps we can take advantage of some free pizza in a few weeks to get back at them.

Anyhow we got Pumpkin in bed and Peanut in the shower then played with Peanut a bit then headed to early bed ourselves. We all got up early and Heath and Felicia walked and I worked on wires for lights on the porch.

Also I promised remod pictures so I took some.




Ok now I think it’s time for my lunch as writing this one got me hungry and I leftovers from last night.

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