A Good Big Brother

After picking Pumpkin up I passed her a bag of raisins and we headed to MarBeck for a dryer belt. At the end of last week our dryer died and I almost replaced it but then last weekend tracked it down to a broken belt and found some really nice instructions for fixing it.

Pumpkin and I got the belt for $11.99 then headed home and got the fire built up and started on dinner. I got a call from work and had to slow down on dinner but Heath and Peanut got home and Heath took over for a little bit.

We had turkey ham, mac and cheese (with peas and tuna in it), fresh pineapple and asparagus. Everyone ate pretty good but of course the pineapple was gone first. After dinner Heath helped Peanut get started on homework.

and I got Pumpkin in the tub

Then Heath headed to PTA and Peanut got his homework done and I tried to keep as much bath water and soap out of Pumpkin’s mouth as I could.

After her bath I stuck Pumpkin in the chair and Peanut came and read her a story on the iPad while I added wood to the fire.

Then I read to Pumpkin a story about a princess sleeping on a pea. Then we laid in the tent and she wanted me to make up a story about dinosaurs. While I was getting her in bed Peanut was showering and when I got done it was time to read to him. We got the iPad back out and read the 2nd chapter and part of the 3rd of Harry Potter.

We read until his bedtime and then he brushed teeth and got ready for bed. Heath got home in time to tuck him in and I headed downstairs and climbed under this mess with the laptop and a screwdriver.

It was already disassembled from me looking for the belt and model number. The belt went around the big round thing that spins and then had to wrap around this pulley and motor in the bottom.

This part was a little tough to get to and confusing and I got lint all over me but eventually everything fell into place. I put the dryer back together tossed in some clothes and started it up.

It sounded much happier and when I opened the door things were spinning inside again. With the bottom cover off I could also see when it started burning gas so I let it dry a load and things went great.

I headed up to watch House with Heath and we got it started but the recording was bad. Since moving the TV I have not hooked up the tv to any antenna just a cable running to the attic. We get more tv signal then I would have expected but House was all black. We watched a bit of other tv then headed to bed.

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