Christmas has Started

 IMG_0637 (2)Heather and I have been shopping for a nice DSLR camera ever since we borrowed one from work and experienced first hand how nice they are. We decided to buy one months ago and then decided it would be our combined Christmas for each other a while back and more recently we decided let’s call it Christmas but get it early so we can take Christmas shots with it. Around black Friday the search was really on and we were comparing several cameras and a bunch of places. We wanted a Canon, we wanted a standard and a zoom lens and knowing us we needed a great warranty.It seemed like all through black Friday sales no one was going to be able to beat Amazon.

The downside to Amazon was us not being able to hold the cameras and see what they felt like to us. So we printed off our cart from Amazon and headed to Best Buy to play with the cameras last night right after work. We had an overly helpful salesperson that really thought he was going to make a big sale. He confirmed our decision on what camera we wanted and convinced us of what lens we wanted and with Holiday Sales for everything their price was only $20 more then Amazon and their warranty offered free cleanings. This seemed worth it and we were expecting to buy it there but wanted to check Costco first.

We had seen the cameras at Costco in the store and online and they were about the same price as Amazon but came with some goodies. However Costco only does a 90 day warranty on cameras. I know they have a good warranty on other electronics so we wanted to talk to the salespeople and find if we can get a better warranty. 90 days from Costco and a year from Canon was all we could get. Heath and Peanut did some more shopping while Pumpkin and I waited in the car. I called Canon to find if they would give me a better warranty and they would not. So I did some searching and I found Square Trade the company that does Amazon’s warenty also does them if you buy them else ware. I called them up and got all the details on a 3 year drop/spill/break warranty and then Costco was an easy choice.

We had planned to go home and make tacos but the kids were starving so we got pizza and hot dogs at Costco and after engulfing my piece I went and bought the camera while everyone was finishing up. Peanut ate a little then his stomach started hurting again and Pumpkin was getting tired so we rushed home. Once there Peanut got in the tub and relaxed and I got Pumpkin ready for bed and Heath grabbed the Aldi list and went shopping.

As you can see most of the shopping was for Triathlon #7 Chili.

Once Pumpkin was in bed I got some dried beans cooking.

I cooked them in the drippings from the chunk of pork from the night before plus some special ingredients. I also got the new camera battery charged and started folding laundry. When Heath got back we got Peanut in bed and he had a tiny fever. Then we both folded the rest of the laundry and watched Parks and Rec. Before bed the battery was charged and I ran around taking a few pictures.

like before loading up the wood stove for the night.

 IMG_0012 (3)

and before turning off the xmas lights I had to shoot a few.

 IMG_0009 (3)

Nearly the same shot with the old point and shoot


Then we went to bed and tried to sleep in to fight this cold.

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