No Screamers


I ended up getting out of work a little bit late so I was in a super rush to get the family in the car and get to Crown Center. Heath had gotten both the kids and snacked them up. Then we rushed to Crown Center and headed strait to Santa. We ditched the stroller and coats and only allowed the kids 1 trip through the Crayola obstacle course before going to see Santa.   IMG_0466

I got ready with the camera, Peanut went and sat next to him and Heath brought Pumpkin over and plopped her on his lap.


I was ready for anything but everyone behaved and let me take some somewhat boring pictures. We had talked about Santa a bunch on the way and Pumpkin was not terrified. She didn’t talk to him either but later she told me she liked him. Once Peanut got his dirt bike request in we let them loose in the play area again and Heath and I got to play with the new camera.






We played for a while and the play area got more and more crowded so we got out and tried to rush over to Fritz before they got busy. We were a little to late and got right behind a caroler group of kids. We almost abandoned the Fritz tradition and tried out the Crayola restaurant but decided to stick it out.  IMG_0521   IMG_0517

We got our seat pretty quick and rushed to call our order in before the group.  IMG_0530 IMG_0523

Then we got to play with hats and watch the trains.  IMG_0526


Our food came pretty quick and dinner went pretty well. We actually got the kids to eat some before I cleaned off all the leftovers and Heath paid. We let Pumpkin ride a little train and she laughed her face off.

 IMG_0534 IMG_0535

Then we went to check out the gingerbread village and check out what candy was used and how much sugar.


Then Peanut and Heath went to the toy store and I distracted Pumpkin by ridding the elevator and checking out the view from the top.


Then we went to the Crayola store. Heath compared prices from things we had gotten elsewhere and the kids colored.  IMG_0546 IMG_0550

It was well after Pumpkin’s bedtime so we headed across the street to play a bit under the mayors Christmas tree.  IMG_0551


Peanut checked out all the wooden vehicles


And Pumpkin splashed in puddles


Then we got our last photo and rushed home.


On the way we read Harry Potter on the iPad. Once home we got Pumpkin in bed, Peanut ready, lunches made and a few other chores done then Peanut headed to bed. Heath and I watched House in bed then fell asleep.

Here was last year:

Hopefully next year the new baby will be more entertaining.

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