Peanut had scouts so a quick dinner left us some time to have some fun too. For the quick dinner Pumpkin and I made mini pizzas from tortillas, home made sauce from tomatoes in the garden, pepperoni and cheese.

We also made a couple of little meatball sandwiches w/ premade meatballs, hot dog buns and the same sauce.

And warmed up a bag of frozen veggies.

Dinner was ready super fast.

And it was very popular.

After dinner Pumpkin took a bath, and helped me in the kitchen and played in her kitchen and we read a bunch of books before bed. Peanut put on his scout uniform and he and Heath headed to a pack meeting. He came back with a new patch for selling all that popcorn, a pinewood derby kit


Delivered by Santa himself. IMG_0627

and a $20 Walmart Gift Card for having a mom that pushed popcorn sales so hard.   IMG_0610

While they were gone his Pappy was busy cranking out cookies for his school. For some reason I was all about useing up old cake mix so used a box of chocolate cake mix to make chocolate cookies with white chips.

and Halloween sprinkle confetti cake to make oatmeal raisin sugar cookies.

They were both pretty easy and turned out really good. Once home Peanut went to bed. Heath and I learned some photography stuff and then headed to bed.



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