Christmas: 4 down 4 to go


I don’t really remember what we did Friday right after work. Around 6 Heath’s brother came over and we went to Walmart real quick and the to RC’s for some fried chicken and the first Christmas party with some of Heath’s family.  We packed into a hot little room talked, had some chicken and some drinks and then went home. It took a while to get our food so when it did show up we were starving and I ate too fast and had too much.

Saturday morning we got up and got things ready for the next Christmas then we put on our PSU gear

and headed up the street to Coach’s for their Gorilla specials. They had red and yellow all over and the National Championship game on the TV.

We tasted the Gorilla Milk drink but decided to stick to beer and water. We watched the game, ate some nice breakfast burritos and kept Pumpkin busy.

At 1/2 time we left swapped out shirts real quick, grabbed a few things and headed to my Aunt’s house north of the river to see my Grandma and Pop’s side of the family.

Pumpkin had a little cousin to play with

And we got to eat some good food and visit with a bunch of family.

The kiddos got some presents and had a good time opening and playing with them.
Then we headed home and packed up again, rested a minute and headed to my work Christmas party. It was in Brookside and loaded with people. Pumpkin was really hungry and tired and turned into a big grouch at first but there were other kids and some fruit snacks gave her a second wind and we all ended up having a good time.

Near the end of the night Heath got a call from her sister and we needed to head to the plaza to pick her up. So we did and then got Pumpkin in bed and I cooked up some burgers and we hung out with Tony and Felicia until bedtime.

In the morning Heath and I snuck out early for a trail run/walk. Then we had some breakfast with Jendra and Pumpkin. Then we went Christmas shopping real quick while Jendra played with Pumpkin. We got a few things then everyone rushed to get ready, pack up and head to the next Christmas at Heath’s Aunt and Uncles house in Springhill. We got there and watched some football and then had a big lunch. After a while Santa came.
He had a present for each kid.
And a nice lap for anyone who wanted to sit.
Around dusk we headed home and got Pumpkin cleaned and calmed down and fed. Then Heath and I ate and cleaned the house and wrapped presents until bedtime.

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