I was at work late and when I got out Heath and Pumpkin were already at Aldi doing some shopping. I met up with them and helped pick out the 81 items we filled our cart with. Heath had already loaded it up with baking supplies so expect to see some dessert creation in our future I guess.

We paid and loaded up the car and took them home. Also in the van was 4 huge pans of Zio’s pasta from Heath’s work. We froze the spaghetti and meatballs when we got home and stuck the lasagna and spicy chicken in the toaster oven. Then we put all the groceries away loaded up the wood stove and got salads ready and some veggies for Pumpkin.

While ours was warming up Pumpkin worked on memory on the iPad.

Dinner was really good and we ate it up. We have a lot more and I am looking forward to it tonight. After dinner Pumpkin hopped in the tub.

I got her clean and then let her play for a bit. Then it was time for pajamas and stories and bed. After reading we have been telling stories about Santa and she really likes saying Ho Ho Ho.

Once Pumpkin was down Heath and I were able to do some more cleaning and picking up around the house. Then we took a few pregnancy pictures and got to bed early.

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