Often times Pumpkin does not want to take a bath regardless of how dirty she is or if she is doing something fun or not. However once in the tub it is not so bad.

Once in the tub Pumpkin rarely wants to get out and bribes of stories are often needed.

We had more pasta leftovers for dinner last night and it was good. Pumpkin started slow then really got after dinner and ate quite a bit. Heath and I got after the salad mostly and finished it all off. You know Pumpkin had a bath and bedtime routine, after books I told her a story about a train (very similar to the little engine that could) and then she told me a story about a train that was very similar to my story.

Heath also got Pumpkin to help her with a Christmas project. Paint was involved but there was no terrible mess.If this feels familiar she did the same thing with Peanut a week or so ago.



So once Pumpkin’s hand was all painted she grabbed a few clear ornaments.


It’s tough to tell in the picture but you can see the hand prints pretty good and now we have a set of 3 from each kid. With some date and age info on them. While paint is involved Heath made a little hand print art. She plans to frame it of course because we need more frames on our few walls.  IMG_0957

We also made a trip to Sunfresh and Price hopper for xmas ribs, changed the fish tank water, got some christmas cards ready and other odd things around the house.


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