Our Christmas 2011


It’s so nice to be done with Christmas parties. I’m not working today but I got called from the station early this morning and never got back to sleep. Heath and the kids are still sleeping and the house is all cleaned up. Since we had such a busy weekend I thought I would get a jump start on the posts.

The fun started Friday afternoon, Heath brought the kids up to my office late in the afternoon and Heath and Peanut went to see the KC Rep do A Christmas Carol. Pumpkin played I pad and I finished up my work. Then I played show and tell with Pumpkin and took her around the office for everyone to ask how old she is and tell her how cute she is. Then we headed home. She fell asleep on the way home and I got a jump start on a pizza dinner and some of the other food for the weekend.

Not long after Pumpkin got up and Heath and Peanut came home from the show. Peanut wanted a fire so I had him help me get one started. When we opened the fireplace we found a letter.


There was nothing on the envelope and no knew how it got there so we opened it up and Peanut read it to us.
It was from Santa Clause and read:

From the Desk of
Santa Clause

Dear Peanut & Isabella,
    Congratulations you are the winners of Rudolf’s Warm Up Delivery Night Lotto!  Rudolf and I are going to get all the reindeer and elves ready for Christmas by making a special delivery to your house a day early. This means I will be coming to your house and checking in on your family Friday night, and if you both have been good, I will leave your, and you can open them tomorrow.  Please get to bed when Pappy and Momma tell you tonight so our delivery can stay on schedule. While I am deciding how nice or naughty you have been I really like to snack on some milk and cookies, if you have some. I also like to take some oatmeal raisin cookies and carrots for the reindeer.
    I am so excited to get the sleigh out tonight and get Christmas started! I have a feeling your family is going to be pretty excited about your presents too! I better get busy. Peanut be a good boy and listen to your teacher and parents. Pumpkin please be nice to your friends and never hit or push. I am always watching you.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
Santa Clause

It was a day early and we were not ready yet. Peanut started bouncing off the walls and we all jumped into action getting cookies made and preparing for santa.



We made a batch of chocolate chip and a batch of oatmeal raisin with apple and prune in them. Peanut licked the beaters,


and Pumpkin snuck some prunes.

We made so many cookies but took time to wrap the last few presents Peanut had gotten for everyone and eat some really awesome pizza.

Eventually all the tummies were full and cookies made and pajamas on and we got ready for bed. We read through the letter again.


Then we read the story of Rudolph and The Night Before Christmas. Then we got Pumpkin in bed and Peanut helped move the couch around for the morning and set out a plate off cookies and carrots and a glass of milk. We let the fire die down and we climbed into bed and the magic began.

 IMG_1082 IMG_1083


Peanut was the first one up  and he was in our room waking us up just after 7 to let us know the letter was real and Santa had come and eaten all the cookies except for like 2 bites. We all woke up Pumpkin and let her know then made our way out to the tree.


After we peeked at the names on the biggest presents we got down the stockings and opened them up.


Pumpkin got some chap stick in her stocking. Actually everyone did but it became Pumpkin’s 2nd most favorite gift. The rest of the day was pretty non stop chap stick application. After chapstick we dug in and got after presents.

(begin present montage)













It was really a great morning. At some point Pumpkin got her favorite present and she has had a lot of responsibility ever since.  IMG_1158

This baby needs constant feeding and putting to bed.


We made Peanut wait till near the end to open his big present but it was worth it. Keep an eye out for Pumpkin’s sneeze.

Near the end of the presents Tony and Felicia joined us and we had a few more presents with them. Pumpkin’s baby got a stroller and after eating started going for rides.


About 90 minutes after waking up the presents were open and we had time to eat and play. Peanut immediately dug into the giant lego set.


And I got busy on a special breakfast.

 IMG_1163 Weird shaped pancakes right?


Once they were cooked I loaded them up with fruit and vanilla yogurt.


Those are raspberry, mouths and hats, banana and blueberry eyes and the pancakes are loaded with apples. This Santa is hungry for bacon, but who isn’t.


After breakfast we relaxed, watched movies (Star Wars 5 and 6) napped and played.


Well 3 of us did, Peanut was working very hard all day long.


Of the 8 Christmases over the last 2 weekends I’m pretty sure this was all of our favorite.


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