Christmas Day 2011


Saturday night we changed out of our pajamas and showered and put on nice clothes then headed to my uncles house. We took a few pictures and then let the kids put on more casual clothes to visit with our relatives.  IMG_1203


We had a nice big meal and talked with a bunch of family and then opened some presents.


We hung out some more and had dessert and then the kids and old folks were getting tired and we headed out. Everyone else started up some games I guess.

In the morning Peanut got up early and it woke Pumpkin and I up. Pumpkin climbed into bed with Heath and they got a few more hours of sleep. Peanut got right to work on his legos and I got busy getting ready for the next 2 Christmases and cleaning up from the last two. Eventually we got the girls out of bed and we all headed to my moms.


We were the last to arrive and everyone was ready to get busy. We should have eaten first but decided to get started on presents instead.


Peanut passed out presents and we all got busy opening stockings and boxes and bags.

 IMG_1237 IMG_1228 IMG_1242 IMG_1240 IMG_1247

Pumpkin was not real into opening presents or wearing pajamas.  IMG_1239

We got her a little pre breakfast snack

and helped her open some presents.

After the presents were open we cooked up and then ate a nice breakfast. I had forgotten all the fruit I cut that morning but everything was still good. We visited a bit then headed home. I got busy with the food again and Pumpkin laid down for a nap. Peanut got back to work on the Legos and Heath helped get ready. Once our chicken and ribs were cooking good I laid down for a little nap and then tried to find an open grocery store while Heath worked on twice baked potatoes.

Heath’s mom and siblings came over and made some salad and cookies then we opened presents.  IMG_1265

Pumpkin opened one or two more presents and then really lost interest again.



Peanut didn’t have that problem and didn’t get why Pumpkin was not all over her presents.


Pumpkin lost interest in her clothes shortly later and had a predinner snack.


Heath’s mom, sister and one brother needed to go and ate a quick salad and potato then headed out. Heath Pumpkin and James got out their devices and relaxed.


Shortly later the food was all ready. Heath’s Grandma, aunt, uncle and cousin headed over to have some Christmas and help eat. We were all starving when they showed up and we dug right in.  IMG_1277

My plate was beautiful. Bourbon BBQ shredded chicken sandwich, salad, pasta salad, green bean casserole, ribs, Texas cheese toast, twice baked potato, pineapple and cantaloupe.  IMG_1278

After eating Peanut disappeared into his room for a while and then emerged with the completed tank clone tank.


We played some games and hung out a bit then everyone left and we went to bed.

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