Winter Hike

Sure it is nearly January but yesterday it was almost 50F outside. I put on a long sleeve shirt, bundled up Pumpkin and Peanut a bit and we headed to the Little Blue for a hike. We have seen this little rock area from the road many times and hiked around behind it but never started a hike from here until yesterday.  IMG_1286

We started out with a pretty serious climb strait up. I was a little worried about pregnant Heath but she did great and no one had any problems.


We took the good camera but it was really overcast and there was not much color out in the woods. We hiked a bit and snacked a bit and took breaks.  IMG_1314



We ended up hiking farther then I expected, besides the beginning the trail was pretty level and the mud was the only issue.


Camera 360

Once we turned around we really took our time on the way back exploring all sorts of stuff.



We made sure all the snacks got eaten.


Once back to the beginning we explored the water, rock and ice.




Eventually we headed home and saw a couple deer from the car. Once there Pumpkin took a nap, Stooks came over, Heath and Peanut almost went to a movie, I almost bottles some porter, we watched some tv, folded a ton of laundry and ate a bunch of leftovers.


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