Christmas Leftovers

Heath has the week off so she and kiddos slept in a bit then she took Pumpkin to daycare. They picked up her Grandma and met me for lunch. We ate Chinese and Peanut got to cook little beef sticks on a flame at our table.
Camera 360

Then they went to a movie and I went back to work. Once home I cooked up some chicken alfredo stuff and Pumpkin ate a ton. Actually everyone ate really well. Heath took her grandma to her aunts and I got Pumpkin in bed and Peanut and I played Harry Potter Lego on the Wii for a bit then read a chapter of the book. Heath got home and we finished off Season 1 of Walking Dead and went to bed.

Now that Christmas is over I wanted to let you know about a few projects. First Heath and I came up with 6 labels for home brew beer that turned out pretty fun.



Also Heath worked hard on feety pajamas for Peanut.


They turned out great and he loves them and barely took them off for the first few days.


Also we did a photo shoot at my mom’s house while she was away and ended up with lots of great pictures of our kids and Drake.

And the rest of us.

Also we will be celebrating the new year in a few days so come on over. We are doing a combined party with the neighbors. Probably no sledding this year but it will be warm and probably a great night for a fire.

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