Pizza Night

Mike and Julie offered to bring over a pizza for dinner so no cooking or not much last night. Heath and the kids had been watching/playing with Baby Drake all day. Shortly after he went home Heath connected with Kentaro and Chiaki on Skype and we all got to talk to them some.

Afterwords Pumpkin had a snack and Peanut and I played a bunch of Lego Harry Potter.

Then our friends came over with Waldo Pizza. There was a cream cheese pepperoni one and a jalapeno bacon, meatball one and they were both pretty tasty. I made a salad and we had cheese bread. Pumpkin ate a bunch of pizza.

The adults hung at the table talking and snacking all night, Peanut played Wii and Pumpkin ran around showing off and going potty on her little pot and having accidents.

I made a no bake box thing of chocolate pie and added oreos and whip cream.

After dessert we put the kids to bed and Mike and Julie left and then Heath and I got ready for bed too.

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