A Nice Warm December Evening


Heath and the kids played all day and slept in and took naps and cleaned up Peanut’s room and took some pictures outside playing.

After work they headed to Loose Park and I met them there. I was in a T-shirt and pretty comfortable.

Peanut immediately made friends and got a game of tag started.  IMG_1550

Pumpkin found the biggest slide in the place and headed up to it and then came down laughing.

Once she got to the bottom she said “I do slide again” and she would run to the top and go down again and again.



Then something went wrong and rolled over in the slide and fell forward and bonked her head right as we were taking pictures.  IMG_1565

After this the slide was a little scary and she had to recover.


Heath got Peanut his bike and he cruised around the park.  IMG_1577


Then we all headed down to the pond to check on the ducks.




Pumpkin talked a bunch about the ducks and geese swimming, eating, getting drinks of water and occasionally flying.




Then the sun started to set so we headed back towards the cars.



On the way home we drove around some nice Christmas light displays off ward parkway. Once home i got busy making nachos and a burrito and some other random odds and ends.

Everyone ate a good dinner and had a happy plate and then reloaded. The kids were pretty filthy and hopped in the bath after dinner and then we got Pumpkin in bed and read a chapter of Harry Potter with Peanut.

After Peanut was in bed Heath and I read some on the computers and then headed to bed. Have a happy new years eve and day and if your looking for something to do head on over.

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